Ernest's Story - Project Management

I became aware of the professional development offerings at the Centre for Continuing Education from other professionals that I have contacted throughout my career.

Many employers are expecting more from their employees, and having certification in focused areas such as Project Management, Business and Management, Communications, Education and Health will set you ahead of your competition. Not to mention the new business contacts you will make by taking these highly valued subjects, new tools, and new contacts opens doors for your career.

Without innovation, organizations struggle to get ahead. The Project Management Certificate program prepared me to meet the challenges and expectations of an innovative organization. With this training I am able to contribute to new projects that propel my organization, and my career forward.

When I decided to return to the University of Regina to complete my degree, being an older student, I had uncertainties about going back. However, I found the university and all the other students to be quite friendly and welcoming in a complete learning environment. What made the experience easier was all the students, regardless of age, were focused on learning, and this focus erased any age level. Learning happens at all ages. Actually being an older student made it easier, as my prior experiences added value to my education, and to my fellow students.

Over the past few years, a visible change has been taking place at the University of Regina. This change has made First Nation students feel more engaged in the University of Regina. With more space given for student lounge, and a more inclusive indigenous atmosphere, enhancing the First Nation contribution to this land shows a great deal of respect for the Canadian/Saskatchewan treaty relationship that both treaty peoples benefit from.

Ernest- Project Management Certificate student

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