Lisa's Story - Certificate in Administration 1 and 2

My name is Lisa and I am currently working in a student position at a Saskatchewan crown corporation in the billings department. I received my certificate on June 1st 2016 at the convocation ceremony.

Two years ago I was facing some major life changes and part of that was what to do for a career. I had operated a day home for children for 13 years and knew it was time to look at doing something different. I really had no idea what I would be interested in. 

What I did know was that going back to school after being out of school for 20 years was going to be a challenge. I was hesitant as I didn’t know if the degree program would be ideal for me. My advisor explained the benefits of starting with the certificate and then laddering into the diploma and then the degree program.

I could apply for jobs that require minimum certificate courses and then I could work towards my degree while still working. This was very appealing to me as I could complete it at my own pace without feeling pressure.

While working at my own pace and taking three classes a semester, it was viable for me to also work and be involved around the University campus and volunteer in the community. Completion of the Certificate in Administration 2 was very rewarding and gave me the tools to maximize my program.

I was able to choose the classes that worked around my agenda which had me in some daytime and some evening classes, as this was convenient with my work schedule.

After completion of the certificate I started to work towards my degree by doing some qualifying classes.

I look forward to continuing my education through the University and feel like the job opportunities, with furthering my education, will be greater.

Lisa - Undergraduate Certificate Student

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