Matt's Story - Certificate in Public Relations

Matt's Story - Public RelationsEnrolling in the Public Relations program at the University of Regina was a great way to complement my Bachelor of Arts degree with a professional certificate. Taking the courses online gave me the flexibility to study and work at the same time. Speaking of which, I was able to secure a full-time position on the basis I would complete the certificate in the near future. Just the simple fact of seeing the program pay off for me right away was incredibly reassuring.

Not only were the courses flexible, but they also weren't burdensome. I found the content generally struck the right balance between useful learning while not being overly demanding for someone who also has to work and attend to other responsibilities. Sure, there were times when I felt the "crunch". But that's to be expected from any university level program. Mostly I found the material engaging, the projects enjoyable, and the feedback from the instructors to be very useful. The modules were laid out on a weekly basis, so I always knew exactly where I was at. I also enjoyed being connected to my classmates and the instructor through the online forums. It was great to hear multiple ideas and opinions when considering my own work.

Whether you are interested in public relations as a career, or just want to improve your communications skills for the workplace, the PR certificate at the U of R certainly warrants consideration. The best thing about the program is that it draws in people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some of my classmates were students of English, Journalism, Political Science, and Business to name a few. Many of my classmates were already working for private companies, government departments, non-profits and even the university itself. They saw the PR certificate as a great way to advance in their careers, and I enthusiastically agree. It has certainly helped me already, and I'll be extremely proud when I have completed the program next Spring.

Matt - January 2014

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