Nevada's Story - Public Relations

My name is Nevada and I completed the Public Relations certificate in December 2017. I was a full-time student while completing the certificate and I also worked part time and actively volunteered in Regina while in university.

I have always been interested in communication and many of my volunteer roles involve extensive outreach to individuals, groups, and the public, on behalf of the organizations that I am involved in. I thought that it would beneficial to have more professional knowledge to use in these roles and the Public Relations Certificate provided the perfect opportunity for this! The online and evening classes were ideal for my busy schedule, and the courses fit perfectly within the electives of my Bachelor of Arts!

The Public Relations Crtificate drew my attention because it focused on practical communication skills, not just theory. From the start of the program, the courses provided structured technical knowledge, and the freedom to apply it to real-world scenarios. Working on news releases, radio advertisements, and communication plans was even more interesting because I could use the topics of my choice! The classes also provided a glimpse of daily life in the Public Relations field through accounts from PR practitioners with lived experiences as well as the professional expertise of the instructors. Students in the program came from a variety of backgrounds; university students from all areas of study, active non-profit volunteers, and individuals already active in the field of PR. The diverse perspectives really connected the classroom knowledge to the use of the skills in the professional field.  

I have used the PR techniques, writing styles, and strategies in my other university classes and outside of school. Before I had even completed the certificate, I was able to apply what I was learning to help promote the sports organizations that I was volunteering with! It was exciting to see that the work in the course way paying off so quickly.

While not currently in the PR field, my roles at work and in volunteering have a significant focus on public communication and I use the skills I learned in this certificate almost daily. Even if the PR field does not end up part of my career path, I know that these courses have helped me to be better prepared for my work in the professional world. I would definitely recommend the Public Relations program to anyone looking to increase their communication skills or add a professional certificate to their resume. We all communicate constantly and these courses are a great way to gain knowledge and add more skills to your tool kit, no matter where you plan to use it!

Nevada - April 2018

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