Nicole's Story - Inclusive Education

Nicole's StoryHi my name is Nicole. I am a substitute teacher in Regina, Saskatchewan. I am currently taking the inclusive Ed certificate at the University of Regina.

I subbed for a whole year and I kind of saw where things were going and I didn’t feel equipped enough to handle it. So during my summer job I was talking to fellow teachers and they told me about this program and I said I need that. I need to give myself all the tools possible in order to be the best teacher I can possibly be.

The certificate has helped me because the profs give you concrete examples on things that you can change up in your teaching strategies. They give you websites and resources that you can actually use in your classroom and they tell you what kind of students it will work for. Also some of the classes talk about what to look for in your students, who to talk to, and what resources work best with what specific challenges and that is very beneficial. I’ve already started using some of them in my teaching. Even as a sub I continue some of the strategies that I’ve learned.

Students I feel have benefited in more concrete ways with what I bring to the table and my different teaching strategies but I also feeling like they’ve benefited in a more abstract kind of way because I’m more confident in the classroom. I’m calmer with dealing with certain situations. I also work with students on the spectrum and that these classes have benefited with what I do with one on one tutoring with them. So it’s helped me in many aspects and the students are the ones that benefit from a better teacher.

I would recommend this program to all pre-service teachers and all in-service teachers, so people still in university and teachers who have already convocated or have been teaching for twenty years. Times are changing and kids are changing, therefore challenges are becoming greater and supports are changing in the classroom and I feel as teachers we need to be the most prepared as possible and this program will help you do that.

Nicole - Certificate in Extended Stuides in Inclusive Education

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