Yvette's Story - Being an Adult Learner


I never thought I would go back to school after 40 but I did and I am loving it. My name is Yvette. I am a wife, mother and a career woman. Friends often ask where I hide my cape. To be able to balance a life at home, work and school can seem like an unachievable task only for superheroes but with the right support staff at home, work and at the University of Regina Centre for Continuing Education, anything is possible.

The moment I knew this was all worthwhile was when I explained to my ten-year-old son I was going back to University. He asked mom will you graduate and get to walk across a stage. I told him yes, he then asked if he could come to graduation. I knew then that not only was it important for me to finish for my own goals and dreams but it was important for him to see me reach mine so he knows he can reach his too.

I currently work for SaskTel and have for the last 20 years. I have returned to University after a 20-year absence to assist with furthering my SaskTel career. As the years go by qualifications for jobs change and to keep up and continue to excel… education will always be required.  With working a corporate job and having a family, flexibility is key. This is where Continuing Education was a great help. Classes are available online and in the evening to make achieving these academic dreams possible while still working.

Dream big!

Yvette - December 2017