Blaise's Story - High School Accelerated

Blaise's Story - High School Accelerated

I am Blaise and I am from the Whitebear First Nation. I moved from southeast Saskatchewan in 2014 to attend high school in Regina. After extensive preparation with my English A30 teacher at Balfour, I felt ready to take on the High School Acclerrated (HSXL) Program at the University of Regina. Consulting my academic counsellors brought me to a final decision to choose to study English 100 as my first ever University course while still enrolled in regular classes at Balfour Collegiate. I was excited and nervous.

Originally, I had heard about the High School Accelerated Program while browsing academic documents in the guidance office at Balfour. My Aboriginal Advocate had seen me reading an application form and thought it’d be a great idea if I had signed up.

I had no problems on Orientation day and getting set up in the UR Self-Service and UR Courses.

The HSXL program was a defining moment in my academic career. I personally think it’s the best preparation a high school student can get to prepare their English skills for a university writing level. I’d like to thank everybody who told me to apply in the first place, and I’d also like to thank the wonderful faculty at the University of Regina for providing some further academic support before I begin my Pre-Law studies at the Faculty of Arts this coming fall semester. I now feel like I know what to expect when I attend class on campus in my upcoming semester and that I will be prepared for it. Thanks again to everybody who had accommodated me during my time in the program.

Blaise - July 2018

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