Colleen's Story - Distance Learning


Colleen's Story - Distance Learning

Hi, my name is Colleen and I am currently the Executive Director for a charitable organization. 

Like so many people, life happens; marriage, babies, jobs and moving away from Ottawa to rural Saskatchewan.  My goal of furthering my education was put on hold mostly due to the inaccessibility of classes in rural Saskatchewan at that time.  Fast forward 30+ years and I still had that desire to obtain that elusive Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.  My four sons had long finished high school/university/trades and now settled into their own careers and raising their own families.

The university staff were amazing and very supportive to all my questions as well as advocating for me to reach my future goals in Social Work in the timeline I desired.

My husband and colleagues became my cheering section, encouraging me to just DO IT!  Distance education was now mainstream; the stars had aligned.

I researched so many Universities to find the best fit for me.  The University of Regina was that fit for many reasons.  I have taken a variety of blended, online, LIVE-streamed, and face-to-face classes. These options have allowed me to continue my work on a fulltime basis while pursuing my degree in Social work.  The flexibility of the formats also allowed me to fast track my degree by adding spring and summer sessions to my course load.

I highly recommend distance education for any learner, young or old!

Colleen - August 2018

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