Emilyn's Story - Distance Learning

Hi, my name is Emilyn. I was born and raised on a farm near a small town called Ituna. I am currently in my fourth year of Business Administration and plan to major in Marketing.

My first year of university was taken as a Business Certificate program at Parkland College in Yorkton. I chose to stay close to home so that I could continue to work and get a taste of university without having to move to the big city right after graduating.

After receiving my business certificate, I continued working on my second year towards my business degree once again through Parkland College.

In my second year I was able to take face-to-face distance classes, LIVE-streamed classes, as well as early morning and evening classes at Parkland College.

I decided to give my degree a boost and take five online classes throughout the Summer semester. Taking summer classes was one of the best choices I made and got me ahead of the game to finish my degree sooner than the expected 4 years.

I am currently in my fourth year and take all live classes right here at the University of Regina.

By taking online classes I had a huge advantage because I could work at my own pace and I had very clear expectations right from the start. If I was out working at home, as long as I had my phone, laptop, and cell service I could literally work from the middle of nowhere! The professors who taught the online classes were easy to reach through email or even a quick phone call.

Taking classes in person at a regional college gave me the opportunity to know my professors and enjoy the benefits of a smaller class size.

I would highly recommend that people take a look into suitable flexible learning options for themselves.

Emilyn - January 2019
Faculty of Business Administration student