Jewel's Story - High School Accelerated

Jewel's Story - High School Accelerated

My experience with the High School Accelerated Program was nothing but beneficial and effective. I chose to take the English 100 course in hopes that it would lighten the workload for when I was pursuing my degree in Social Work the following semester. I chose to take this course in my final year of high school, as I had minimal classes to complete. This allowed the online course to take precedence, and I was able to keep up with the class much easier. It is important to take into account your schedule when considering a High School Accelerated course because the workload is similar to what one would experience as an average University student.

Choosing to take English 100 online was especially beneficial for me because I already had such a passion for the topic, and I’ve loved everything about reading and writing since I was young. The class challenged most of my already acquired skills, and guided me to hone other aspects of grammar, syntax and most importantly, essay writing.

My professor was efficient in communicating when our due dates were, answering any questions I had via email, while also making the duration of the course intriguing and compelling. The forums were a wonderful way of setting up the classroom as well. We were given a reading list where we typically had to read a poem and a short story each week and then discuss things like motif, literary devices, patterns and deeper meaning. I found this to be effective because I learned the material as I went along and all the information was easy to retain because I was truly encapsulated by the critical thinking and underlying meanings of the pieces.

Aside from the content of the course, I believe that any online course for high school students that plans to pursue post-secondary education is valuable and well worth it. Not only do you gain a credit prior to even beginning university, but you also feel less stressed about any upcoming changes in environment between High School and post-secondary. Feeling less uncertain about where things are on campus, where you can access the library, and all the endless resources available to you as a university student are introduced to you ahead of time so you can have peace of mind while making a very large and impactful transition.

If you are a self-motivated, eager and passionate individual, any High School Accelerated Course would not only be appropriate for you, but highly riveting and valuable for your success!

Jewel - July 2017

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