Leah's Story - Distance Learning

After graduating high school, I knew I was not ready to start university and with every year that went by it got more and more intimidating to try and go back. Being able to attend the regional college in La Ronge is an opportunity that I am very thankful for as it was initially what made it easier to start pursuing my education. 

Staying in my home town has allowed me to have a solid support system of family and close friends as well as making new connections with other students and staff at the college. The small class sizes the regional college offers and the family feel a smaller location provides along with the amazing staff at Northlands college have made all the difference in furthering my education. Not having to relocate and being able to avoid the everyday hustle and bustle of the city was also a perk.

Through Northlands college, I am able to access a variety of distance learning options that the University of Regina offers. This semester I am taking all LIVE-streamed courses and am looking forward to continuing my studies.

Leah - Social Work Student
September 2017

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