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My name is Paige and I am in my first year of University in the Faculty of Education. I took my first-year classes at the Southeast College in Weyburn through the University of Regina and had a great experience!

The class sizes are small which makes it easier to get used to university classes. Since the class sizes are so small, the professor is available to answer your questions in person right when you have them. The classes are more personal with about four students and one professor, which makes them easy to understand and stay on task.

I also took a couple online courses through the U of R and both were good. They were easy to follow online, the professors answered my questions quickly and completely, and there was never a large amount of homework. Even if I did fall behind, it was easy to catch up again.

I also received a $1000 scholarship just for registering at the college in Weyburn. Since I chose to take my classes in Weyburn, I was close to home and with family all the time. Coming to Weyburn made the transition from high school to university easier and less stressful being so close to home.

Taking my first-year classes in Weyburn was a great experience and I would encourage anyone considering coming to Weyburn to do it.

Paige - January 2018

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