Regie's Story - Evening Classes

Regie's Story - Summer Courses

By the time I had just finished my first year in the Fine Arts program, I realized I wanted engineering instead. I was at a late start; I wasn't even fully accepted into engineering at the time and I missed out on the first two introductory engineering courses. Unless I could find a way to catch up, it would take me an extra year or two to graduate. Luckily for me, they had just begun to offer engineering courses in the summer. I took this chance to enroll because it was a given that I'd end up with time conflicts if I took them during the fall semester, especially when one of them had a 4 hour lab a week. There wasn't a single good reason for me to not take the summer option.

During my internship, I was working a typical 8-5 shift, 5 days a week, for a year. I wanted to be ahead of schedule now that I had caught up in my courses, so I hoped to take a few technical electives while my work term. I was fortunate enough that a couple courses that would count towards my technical elective quota were night classes that fit my schedule perfectly. There was no need to try to break apart my work schedule to squeeze a class in the middle of the day and rush travelling from work, to school, back to work again. Now that I'm ahead, I don't have to finish my final year with a full class load. I can spend those extra hours focusing on my final year project, or anything else I feel like doing.

Regie - August 2017

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