Shaun's Story - Distance Learning

Shaun's Story - Distance Learning

Hi, my name is Shaun. I was born and raised in Regina. I am currently in my third year at the University of Regina and this fall I will be starting my first year of full time schooling. Currently, I am working towards my Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in psychology. While attending university, I was able to pursue my hockey career, playing for the Weyburn Red Wings in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. This past year I have also had the opportunity to continue my education while working full time as a support worker for adults with disabilities at the Cosmopolitan Learning Center, as well as being a part time goalie instructor for young hockey goalies in the Regina area.

Since I started working towards my degree a few years ago, I decided to take online courses due to the amount of flexibility they provide.

Doing online courses has allowed me to continue my education while being able to complete the work at my own pace and convenience. Online courses have allowed me to pursue my hockey career, live away from the Regina area, and also work multiple jobs while keeping up with my schooling.

I began taking online courses after I graduated high school while working and playing competitive hockey as well. When I moved to Weyburn to pursue hockey full time, the flexibility of online courses allowed me to complete classes while being on the ice everyday and on various road trips around Saskatchewan throughout the course of the season. When I moved home and made the decision to work full time, flexible learning classes allowed me to continue school around my work schedule. During my first three years of post secondary courses, I have taken all my classes by online, live-stream or evening, and have been able to finish over a full year of classes towards my degree while doing them from the comfort of my own home.

I have had a very positive experience taking online courses. The instructors plan the material and inform you of due dates ahead of time so you are able to plan your schedule accordingly. The professors are available for any questions about course material by email and respond in a timely manner in order for you to get your work finished on time.

I would recommend online classes to anyone who is looking for a flexible way to continue school while balancing other activities or work as well.

Shaun – June 2018

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