Siham's Story - High School Accelerated

Siham's Story - High School AcceleratedHi, my name is Siham and I’m 18 years old! I was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. I am finishing off my senior year at Campbell Collegiate and am looking forward to a fresh start this fall at the University of Regina. I plan on majoring in psychology, in the Faculty of Science, with the hopes of eventually becoming a psychiatrist.

I initially heard about High School Accelerated (HSXL) through a friend. The HSXL program appealed to me because I could get university credit and be two courses ahead when I start university. It also meant that I got to finish a class in May, two months earlier than a regular high school class would have been. I wanted to test myself to see how I would hold up in a class where I am forced to be independent and be responsible for my own education.

As a high school student, the idea of going to a university class intimidated me, and taking English 100 introduced me to the expectations of professors and helped me get accustomed to the workload.

My professor, Mr. Forest, helped me improve my writing by so much in the couple of months that he taught me. He always gave us options on which poems and pieces we wanted to write on, which made his class much more enjoyable. His modules were very detailed and thorough. Whenever I needed assistance or was unclear on an assignment, I would always get a quick response. The feedback on various assignments and essays was specific to my writing and helped me improve for the next assignment.

This program has opened my eyes to what university expects of me and has also relieved some of my stress as a student. I am very much looking forward to my next few years at the University of Regina!


Siham – July 2018

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