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Skylar's Story - High School AcceleratedMy name is Skylar and I am a graduate from North Valley High School in Lemberg, Saskatchewan. I took English 100 at University of Regina while I was in grade 12. I am currently enrolled in the two-year Pre-Pharmacy program at the University of Regina, and upon completion of this program, I hope to be accepted into the Pharmacy program at the University of Saskatchewan.

I learned about the HSXL English 100 course through our school’s guidance counsellor. She gave us lots of information on the course when I was in grade eleven, and encouraged anyone planning on attending post-secondary to take it. I had friends that took the English 100 course also, and they recommended it. Taking HSXL English 100 gave me a jumpstart on my university classes. The idea of earning a university credit while still in high school was very appealing. This also made me work harder within the course, because I wanted to be successful and prove to myself that I could handle a university course.

My experience with the online course is a positive one. UR Courses is very accommodating to students, as it is simple to navigate and understand. It was very easy to get in contact with the professor, and she was great at quickly answering any questions that I had on the material or the course itself.

This course helped me become a more critical reader and writer, which I found very beneficial in my high school English classes. Taking a university course while still in high school also taught me how to manage my time more efficiently, and strengthened my work ethic. Having readings and discussion forums to post every week taught me the importance of punctuality. I now understand the demand of university courses, and the expectations of university professors.

I recommend taking a HSXL course to any high school student planning on going to university and I recommend English 100 to students who are passionate about English literature, and want to improve on their reading and writing skills.

I would like to thank the University of Regina and all of the people involved with HSXL!

Skylar - July 2018

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