Taylor's Story - Distance Learning

Becoming a teacher has always been a dream of mine, but moving to the big city for someone who has always been a small town person can be a big step. Having the opportunity to take my first year through distance education was the perfect first step to completing my dream.

The distance program made it possible for me to stay in my hometown. I was able to live at home with little to no costs, while saving money to move to the bigger city and finish my education.

Distance education gives students the chance to complete your education at your own pace, in a place that is comfortable instead of having to pack up your life and move to the big city. Parkland College is one of many colleges that offer University of Regina distance programs. Online classes are available to everyone, the only thing you need is access to a computer which the college makes convenient by having computers on site. The teacher sets up an entire course outline online, which makes the ability to complete the class at your own pace. Whether you have a family or you’re working full time, the online classes give you the opportunity to work around your life.

For me the distance education program has been the most influential experience into my step towards my education. There are many people that complete their entire education through distance and the university makes this possible for the students who can't move to the big city. Parkland College made this opportunity possible. They worked with the university in helping me when I needed guidance or any kind of help with setting up classes.

I would highly recommend distance education to anyone who would like to remain in their hometown and be around their family while furthering their education.

Taylor - August 2017
Faculty of Education student

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