Ashley's Story - Voice and Flute

I'd attended the University of Regina for a couple years and decided to follow my passion for music as a career after struggling through the beginnings of nursing. Through encouragement from my friends and family, I have been involved with taking private voice and flute lessons at the Conservatory and I have come to absolutely love all the help I have received in getting started up again and all of the encouragement I have received from my teachers.

I found that the teachers are very patient with their students and love seeing them succeed. The thing that I enjoy most about being a student at the Conservatory is that at the end of all my hard work and practice, I indeed have definitely come further in my skills in both playing the flute and singing. At the beginning my tone was fine, but it was my rhythm and counting that needed some serious work. With patience, encouragement, and daily practice my rhythm and counting have become more steady.

The thing about taking lessons, I found, is that at the beginning I wasn’t as confident as I could have been and looking back on my experience and how far I have come in just a few months, I have become more confident in my skills and myself as a person.

Ashley - Conservatory student

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