Audrey's Story - Performing Arts

Audrey Talks Performing Arts

When Audrey turned six, we heard through friends about the musical lessons offered for kids through the U of R Conservatory. In seeing Audrey was so into music and we not really sure exactly which musical instrument will inspire her, we decided to investigate and go on a quest to see what is available for Audrey’s age to try and experience. 

On summer school break, we enrolled her into her first “Spring/Summer Miniature Mozarts” class to see how she will do in learning to play the piano/keyboard. At the end of the weekly course, she was overjoyed with it and had fun in learning some of the basic techniques in piano playing.

Then in the winter semester, we signed her up for the next level of the program.

Audrey loved the classes so much that we continued to register her for the Miniature Mozart's program in the Summer and Winter Semesters.

At the age of eight, we noticed Audrey also liked to sing so we found that the U of R Conservatory also offers a summer camp class called “Choir Connection” which was just right for Audrey’s age to try it out. She had such a fantastic time singing and meeting new singing friends that she decided to continue on being in the choir.

In the summer of 2014, the U of R Conservatory of Performing Arts offered a “Guitar Camp” course for kids and we immediately enrolled Audrey in it because we felt Audrey has some interest in the guitar. Plus, she also had learned some simple guitar strumming from her dad who had some basic knowledge in playing the guitar.  After the week of guitar camp, she practically loved playing the guitar and began to like it more than the piano that she is learning. She was able to naturally pickup and learned some of the fundamental cords of the guitar.

In 2015 Audrey started on her private guitar lessons.

Recently, Audrey had her second recital and we could see she is now much more confident in herself and had no trouble going on stage to perform.  As parents, we were very proud of her accomplishments and also thankful for the Conservatory for giving her many opportunities.

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