Katelynn's Story - Private Voice Lessons

Katelynn's Story

Being a student at the Conservatory has been a better experience than I’ve ever hoped for in voice lessons. In the past, I have always been self-conscious about being an adult student, who didn’t have the same skill sets than the people around her when being in a musical or choir. The Conservatory has welcomed me, and the people within the community have never judged, nor made me feel not at home, and got rid of my insecurity with my vocal techniques.

I have been studying musical theatre pieces, originally just to get some great audition content going for myself, but my instructor has taken that idea, and also helped find pieces that were great for auditions, but also great technical pieces that allowed me to grow as a student and help me break 18 years of bad vocal habits; while being very patient with me as I revert to old habits, and start over. I loved the one on one experience. Through previous master classes I’ve done, I have always felt rushed, and looked over; it was never about helping me and my piece grow. With the one on one I have with the Conservatory, it feels like a completely different, and warmer experience.

My instructor has made me feel so much more confident in myself, and my talent. I no longer feel intimidated by singers who have had years, and years of experience under their belts, as I now feel like I am catching up, and doing all the right (and safe) things for my voice. My past two years at the Conservatory have been my best vocal experiences of my life.

Katelynn, March 2017