Ruby's Story - JuniorDrumline

Hello, my name is Ruby Eger. I am in grade 7 at St. Puis School and I play tenor drums in the Junior Drumline.

My mom suggested that I give the Junior Drumline a try because she was in marching band when she was younger and really loved it. I already play the piano and last year took up the alto sax, so I thought it would be good to learn basic drumming skills so I could grow my knowledge of music.

My favorite part of drumline is performing. I like watching the crowd get into the music, tap their feet, clap and even dance. At the football games, lots of the crowd cheered when we performed – it was a great feeling. When we perform a song and do it well, I am proud of myself and the rest of the group. It shows that our practice has been paying off.

The benefit of this program is that I learned how to play another instrument, but also this instrument can help me with lots of other things in my life. Drums are said to be the back bone of music and I believe it. Learning the drums has helped me playing with the school band and also in dance (I take ballet, jazz, hip hop and lyrical) – it is easier to find the beat and follow the conductor. Plus playing the drums is fun – no one can resist grabbing drumsticks and banging on the drums!

Ruby - Drumline member
December 2016

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