Chris' Story - Lifelong Learning

Chris' Story - Lifelong Learning

I first heard about the Lifelong Learning Centre (LLC) a few years ago when I was getting ready to take on one of the biggest changes in my lifestyle – retirement from a career that had kept me very busy for 38 years.  To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about whether retirement was really a good idea for me.  Was I too young to be retired?  Would I become bored with all that time on my hands?  Would I miss the daily interaction with other people that I had enjoyed so much when I was working?  How would I fill my days?

In preparation for my retirement, I attended a tradeshow for seniors and it was there that I first became aware of both the LLC and the Seniors University Group (SUG).  Shortly after, when the University’s “Centre for Continuing Education Program Guide” arrived in my mailbox, I eagerly flipped to the “Lifelong Learning Centre” section to review the courses and forums being offered.  A number of courses appealed to me, and the discounted tuition fees for SUG members made them even more attractive.  I decided to give one of the courses a try, just for the “fun” of it, and registered for my first class - Astronomy:  A Beginners Guide to the Night Sky.

I really enjoyed the course, and it became the first in a series of Astronomy courses I have since taken at LLC.  And, through that experience, I discovered that my fellow students and I shared many common benefits – not only the development of a love of star-gazing but, more importantly, interested and enthusiastic participants willing to discuss their theories and discoveries, as well as the socialization that comes with gathering people of all ages and backgrounds into one room to enjoy a common interest.

The experiences I had while taking this first class have lead me to broaden my horizons and take other classes at LLC, again, just for the “fun” of it.  I’ve registered for a variety of other courses in the fields of archaeology, history, website design, and (of course) astronomy.  These courses have all been very interesting, the instructors have been more than willing to interact with the students and take the time to answer questions or explain viewpoints, and my fellow students have been engaged and attentive, with many having brought a myriad of viewpoints, experiences and knowledge to the class.

Chris - Personal enrichment student

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