Raysa's Story - Lifelong Learning

Raysa's Story - Lifelong Learning Sixteen years ago, shortly after I retired from the workforce, I attended my first class at the Seniors Educational Centre, now known as Lifelong Learning Centre. Initially the Centre provided a friendly respite place for me from my responsibilities in the daily care of my aging mother and the continuous support to my husband through his terminal illness.

The Lifelong Learning Centre continued to be a welcoming and friendly place for me when I "was in a bad place". It provided a place for me where I could meet new people and find new friends. As time passed by I no longer needed a respite place. Instead it now provided an environment for me where I could continue meeting and enjoying other students from different backgrounds, different ages as well as meeting and interacting with various instructors.

What I like most of all about taking classes at the Lifelong Learning Centre is being able to choose my own schedule and topics thanks to the variety of classes offered. It’s a fun and relaxing time for me, especially knowing there’s no ‘homework’ outside of the classes.

The instructors and presenters are passionate about what they teach, which makes me and other students passionate, too. As an older Lifelong Learning student, like many, I appreciate their joy for teaching older adults.

The Lifelong Learning Centre has provided me with a great variety of classes, not only the kinds that make you think deeply or enrich your knowledge on a topic like history or religion classes, but also numerous classes in fitness, computers, languages, art and music - and the Centre continues to offer many different classes which keep me coming back for more.

There are usually more to choose from than I have time for, and I still continue to find new ones that interest me. You will never know what you may develop an interest in if you don't try something new. I hated History when I was in school and never imagined that I would ever enjoy it as I do now! And I get to share my enjoyment with all the people I meet.

I have appreciated the opportunity to be involved in other activities at the Lifelong Learning Centre such as Intercultural Grandmothers United, Speakers Bureau, Aboriginal Grandmothers Caring for Grandchildren, volunteering on the Board and many mini social events every semester.

If you are thinking of retiring or new to the city I know you will enjoy taking classes and getting involved at the Lifelong Learning Centre.

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