Curriculum Updates

Changes to courses

2024 Changes

Previously, TERM 4 was being offered in Winter (January-April) and then again in Spring/Summer (May-Aug). This was to accommodate Coop students. Students going on their first Coop were able to choose to go out in Winter or in Spring. The Faculty is introducing changes to TERM 4 and it will affect when students go out on their first coop. Note that each Program has made specific changes to their course offerings for Spring/Summer Term 4.

Coop students:
It is recommended that students register in Term 4 classes for Winter 2024 and take their first coop in Spring/Summer 2024.
If this in not an option for you, please be aware of the following changes to the Term 4 Spring/Summer 2024 term:

Non coop students:
This change may affect your course planning if you are not following the Program Sheet and are taking less than 5 courses. We suggest you schedule an advising appointment to assist with course planning. 

Electronic Systems
ESE will offer ENEL 282 only. (ENEL 281 will not be offered)
If you are an ESE student planning on a workterm in Winter 2024, you should also plan to take ENEL 281. It will be offered face-to-face on Tues/Thur 5:30pm.

Industrial Systems
ISE will offer ENIN 241 only. (ENIN 233 will not be offered)

Energy Systems
ERSE will not offer ENER 203

ENEV 223 was moved from Term 6 (Spring/Summer) to TERM 5 (Fall). Social Science and Humanities Elective was moved from TERM 5 (Fall) to Term 6 (Spring/Summer) for the three Energy Systems programs- Petroleum option, Energy Transportation and Storage option, Sustainable Engineering Option.  Effective Date 202420.

Software Systems
SSE will not offer ENSE 271

Environmental Systems
EVSE students planning on a workterm in W24 there is no effect for you. ENIN 241 and non-engineering courses will be offered in Spring/Summer 2024

ISE, SSE and ERSE students - please be aware that if you choose to work in the Winter 2024 semester missing classes will likely affect your upcoming academic plan. Please see the Coop coordinator to discuss your options. You can make an appointment with Diana online:

2023 Changes

ISE Business electives effective 202310:

Term 8 (Fall)

Choose one of: BUS 250, BUS 285 or BUS 302

Previously only BUS 250.

Process Minor effective 202210:

Process Engineering Minor

Credit hours

Process Engineering Minor Required Courses


ENPE 490 or ENPE 491 or ENPE 492


ENIN 355


ENIN 455


ENIN 456


ENIN 457



2021 Changes

WHMIS Training:
What: WHMIS; Online course and Quiz
Who: New and any students who have not completed WHMIS
Why: To meet safety regulations
When: Must be completed between Add/Drop date (Sept) and Winter Registration (Nov), otherwise you will have a registration hold
Where: UR Courses

Bus 260 now includes ENGL 100 as a prerequiste.

NOTE: please refer to the 2020-2021 program sheet for full details

Effective Spring Summer 2021, EVSE students will take ENEV 322 in Term 5 instead of ENGG 330

Effective Spring Summer 2021 ISE students will take a 2nd Natural Science in Term 9 instead of the Business elective. 

The Electronic program has changed their course numbers, please refer to the chart below. These changes are effective 202120.

NOTE: the course content and names remain the same

Course Renumbering:

Old Number

New Number

ENEL 380

ENEL 361

ENEL 387

ENEL 351

ENEL 389

ENEL 462

ENEL 390

ENEL 341

ENEL 393

ENEL 442

ENEL 482

ENEL 473

ENEL 484

ENEL 463

ENEL 487

ENEL 452

ENEL 489

ENEL 453

ENEL 492

ENEL 443

EVSE:  Elective List Change
Effective 202110

* Choose at least two design courses (at least two electives will be offered in each academic year) from the following: ENEV 408, ENEV 445, ENEV 463, ENEV 465, ENEV 475, ENEV 484

* Choose one elective from the following (these electives may not be offered regularly): ENGG 411, ENIN 350, ENIN 453, ENIN 455, ENPE 490 or one from the design electives above.

EVSE: New elective available in 2021
- ENEV 495AF Advanced Earth Structures Engineering
Earth structures for above-ground and below-ground applications, Design criteria for compacted earthworks in various facilities, Field performance and improvements of earth systems.
Prerequisites: ENEV 383 and ENEV 384

ISE: New elective available in 2021
- ENIN 457 Reaction Engineering and Reactor Design (Prereq ENIN 350)

PSE: New electives available 2020-2021
- ENPE 420 Piping Engineering and Design, formerly ENPE 495AE (Prereq 75 credit hours)
- ENPE 425 Piping Materials and failure, formerly ENPE 495AF (Prereq 75 credit hours)

ENSE 496AB has been renumbered to ENSE 405
ENSE 471 has been renumbered to ENSE 271
ENSE 475 has been renumbered to ENSE 375
ENSE 470 has been renumbered to ENSE 370

ENEL 400 prerequisite is ENEL 383

Program change for 2020-2021 year, please refer to cohort information below if you began the program prior to 2019.  If you began in 2019 you will follow the new program sheet. Please refer to the 2020-2021 program sheet for full details.

SSE Transition Plan for Feb 2020 Changes to Curriculum
Note: Student cohorts are Coop and Non-coop groups for any given starting year at Term #1.

Any student cohort (coop or non-coop) that began their curriculum in Fall 2019 or later simply follow the new curriculum as proposed.
2020 – 2021
Winter 2021: ENSE 271/471 as cross-listed courses for Term #4 and #7 students
Spring/Summer 2021: ENSE 271/471 as cross-listed courses for Term #4 and #6 students

2021 - 2022
Winter 2022 offer ENSE 475 for Term #7 students
Spring/Summer offer ENSE 375 for Term #6 students

Overview Student Cohort(s) previous to Fall 2019 Engineering Faculty start Academic Year (2020 - 2021)
2018 Non-coop Cohort (Term 5) - follow old curriculum except N.S. elective instead of 380 in Term #6
2018 Coop Cohort (Term 5) – follow old curriculum except ENSE 471 instead of 380 in Term #6
2017 Coop Cohort (Term 7) - follow old curriculum through 2022 to graduate
2017 Non-Coop Cohort (Term 8) - follow old curriculum Term #8 and Term #9 and graduate
2016 Coop Cohort (Term 8) – follow old curriculum Term #8 and Term #9 and graduate

Academic Year (2021 – 2022)
2017 Coop Cohort (Term 8) - follow old curriculum Term #8 and Term #9 and graduate
2018 Non-coop Cohort (Term 8) - follow old curriculum Term #8 and Term #9 and graduate
2018 Coop Cohort (Term 7) – follow old curriculum except N.S. elective instead of 471 in Term #7
and now ENSE 370 (previously titled 470)

Academic Year (2022 - 2023)
2018 Coop Cohort (Term 8) – follow old curriculum Term #8 and Term #9 and graduate
2019 Changes

ISE program course changes - effective Spring 2019 - CHEM 140 is replaced by CHEM 105.

Students following the 2018/19 ISE program:

The change affects term 4 and Term 5 ISE program sequencing. CHEM 140 was removed from Term 5. Humanities/social science elective moved to Term 5. CHEM 105 is added to Term 4.

  • CHEM 105 will be offered winter 2020 and Spring 2020 time conflict free for students entering TERM 4
  • Senior ISE students who have not completed CHEM 140 may choose CHEM 105 or CHEM 140 to satisfy program requirements.
All ENGG Students

** Students who have already received credit for ECON 201 cannot receive credit for ECON 100 (humanities elective).  Students may take ECON 100 followed by ECON 201.

** Students (except EVSE) are required to take BUS 260 before BUS 210, BUS 250, BUS 285 and BUS 302. BUS 260 is a pre-requisite for these classes for engineering students only. You will need a pre-requisite override to register for any of these classes. Please see the Engineering Office for assistance.

** BUS classes are not equivalent to ADMN classes.  All engineering students must take BUS classes to complete their degree.

** STAT 160 taken after Winter 2019 will not be counted towards your degree. From Spring/Summer 2019 onwards only STAT 289 can be used in all BASC degrees.

** If you have received credit for STAT 100 and STAT 200 prior to joining Engineering OR have transfer credits from another institution it will be accepted as credit for STAT 289.

ESE, SSE and ISE students:

** Students who have already received credit for PHYS 119 cannot receive credit for PHYS 109 (Natural Science elective). Students may take PHYS 109 followed by PHYS 119 and receive credit for both.

**CHEM 100 may not be used as a Natural Science Elective.

**SSE students cannot use CS 100 as an Open Elective.

Fall 2019 SSE elective

This course introduces the basic concepts in search and knowledge representation as well as to a number of sub-areas of artificial intelligence. Intelligent agents; uninformed/blind search; informed/heuristic search; local search; adversarial search; constraint satisfaction problems; Markov decision processes; Bayesian Inference; machine learning.

***Prerequisite: Successful completion of 90 credit hours or permission of Program Chair*

Winter 2019 ESE Program Revision:

Program Revision - ESE, effective 201910.

Replace CS 215 in term 6 with CS 335. Add CS 215 to the approved ‘Software electives’ list.


Term 6 (Spring/Summer)


BUS Elective  Choose 1: BUS 210, 250, 285, 302, 285, or 302


ECON 201


ENEL 380


ENEL 390


CS 215   CS 335

Approved List (includes Technical, Software, and Risk and Industrial Safety):

 Software Electives (choose at most one): CS 215, CS 330, CS 340, CS 350, CS 372, CS 375 or any ENSE class except ENSE 477

Winter 2019 PSE electives
ENPE 491
This course will cover global climate change impacts, sources of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the benefits and applications of carbon capture technologies for the petroleum industry, sequestration in oil and gas reservoirs and deep saline aquifers. Additionally, CCS policies and regulatory development will be explored. ***Prerequisite: ENPE300 and ENIN355*
ENPE 492
In this course students will become familiar with the basic principles of petroleum refinary operations. Composition of crude oils, related laboratory tests and refinery feedstocks and products will be discussed. Evaluation of crude oil properties and design of distillation columns, furnace, thermal and catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming, hydrotreating, hydrocracking, isomerization, alkylation and polymerization will be introduced. ***Pre-req. (ENIN-355)*
ENPE 340
Stress and strain tensors, Rock elasticity, Mechanical properties of rocks, Effective stress concept, Anisotropy, Time-dependent effects, Constitutive modeling of rocks, Failure mechanics, Rock properties from laboratory experiments, Rock properties from field data
***Prerequisite: ENGG 240, ENPE 300***
2018 Changes
New Course information for Fall 2018
New students entering the engineering program for Fall 2018 will take ENGG 140 (replaces PHYS 109) in Term 1 (Fall 2018) and PHYS 119 in TERM 2 (Winter 2019). Continuing students who began the engineering program in Fall 2017, and are entering TERM 3 in Fall 2018, will take ENGG 240.
New students entering the program in Winter 2018, or those not following the engineering schedule as indicated in the UR 2017/18 calendar, should arrange an advising appointment to ensure proper course selection.

ENGG 140
Introduction to engineering mechanics including: force vectors , statics of particles and rigid bodies, centroids, mass centres, construction of free-body diagrams, analysis of structure, internal loads of structures and cables, distributed forces, moments of intertia and friction. *** Corequisites: MATH 110 ***
New elective for PSE
ENPE 448
Review petroleum reservoir geology, geological depositional environments, petrophysical and geostatistical analysis, and reserves estimation based on static and dynamic reservoir information. Emphasis on data analysis and integration for a model suitable for reservoir simulation.
**Corequisite: ENPE440***
New elective for SSE
In this course students will explore topics in designing systems for computer supported collaborative work (CSCW). A major component of the course will be a group project focused on the design, development, and evaluation of an open source, industry-focused software product in support of facilitating real-world solutions for CSCW.
***Prerequisite: ENSE 470***