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Alumni and Community Engagement

Victoria Alumni and Friends Reception

Hosts Dr. Thomas Chase BAHon’79 and Christine Millar Chase BED’73, BAHon’80, MA’88 with Brenda Righetti, G.B. Henderson, Ralph Nilson and Suzanne Nilson PhD’94 Dr. Thomas Chase with Gail Gorrill BAdmin’83 and former Dean of KHS Ralph Nilson Pat Somerton BA’69 Keith Costain and Wayne Foulds Former U of R staff members Marj Hewitt and Clarence Gray BEd’83, BSc’90 Gwen Keith presents thank you gift to hosts Thomas and Christine Chase College Avenue Campus video College Avenue Campus presentation Host Dr. Thomas Chase BAHon’74 speaks to guests about College Avenue Campus initiative. Alumni Association VP Gwen Keith BED’74, MEd’77, PGDEA’83, MEd’84 delivers greetings from the Alumni Association Keith Costain and Mona Acker visit with other guests Outdoor mingling Dorell (Ridley) Taylor Jean Howell BEd’63, BA’66 and Kathleen Butler BA’67 are greeted by Alumni Relations staff, Diane Mullan BA’78 Audrey Prendergast BA’84 with Provost Tom Chase BAHon’74 and URAA VP Gwen Keith BED’74, MEd’77, PGDEA’83, MEd’84 Passed appetizers from Truffles Catering Reunion of two college roommates: Gwen Keith BED’74, MEd’77, PGDEA’83, MEd’84 Saskatchewan Floral Arrangement College Avenue Campus Photo History Booklet The library/sitting area Victoria home of Dr. Thomas Chase, Provost and VP Academic, BAHon’79 and spouse Christine Millar-Chase BED’73, BAHon’80, MA’88