The U of R and Government of Saskatchewan launch new Regina Research Data Centre

By Krista Baliko Posted: May 15, 2019 8:55 a.m.

The Honourable Christine Tell, Minister of Corrections and Policing, at the launch of the Regina Research Data Centre at the University of Regina.
The Honourable Christine Tell, Minister of Corrections and Policing, at the launch of the Regina Research Data Centre at the University of Regina. Photos: Advancement and Communications

A unique partnership between the University of Regina, the Government of Saskatchewan, and Statistics Canada has resulted in the opening of the Regina Research Data Centre (RRDC). 

The RRDC, located in a secure facility at the University of Regina, allows approved researchers to access confidential data sources on issues such as population, household services, and health. 

“This partnership with Statistics Canada and the University of Regina represents the first time a provincial government has entered into an agreement like this,” said Correction and Policy Minister Christine Tell. “We’re proud to be part of this innovative project, and look forward to seeing how the research done through the data centre can help better inform future government policies and programs, such as the provincial Centre of Responsibility and local Hub tables.” 

Having access to the data at the RRDC will enable researchers and analysts to identify common factors, gaps, and overlaps in service. 

“With access to such rich data, researchers in and around Regina will be better equipped to produce data-driven research, providing policy- and decision-makers with more robust analysis of Statistics Canada data that has the power to impact the lives of Canadians. We are excited by the new avenues of research that will be opened by the RRDC,” said Dr. David Malloy of the University of Regina. 


Dr. Herminder Guliana,
University of Regina
Associate Professor of
Economics, talks with
media about how having
a local RDC will enhance
the ability of researchers
to produce quality work.

Researchers must visit Research Data Centres in person in order to access data. Prior to the opening of the RRDC, the closest Research Data Centre was housed in Saskatoon. A University of Regina researcher, who previously had to make that trip is excited by the research possibilities that are now feasible thanks to the new Regina-based centre. 

“The RRDC is a valuable resource for researchers in Regina as we now have access to national-level microdata in our city,” said Dr. Harminder Guliani, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Regina. “This rich data source truly opens up the possibilities for faculty and graduate student research, while having these data sets at my fingertips also means I can incorporate experiential learning into the classroom, enhancing educational opportunities for me and my students.” 

Research Data Centres follow strict privacy guidelines and adhere to the Statistics Canada Act. All researchers accessing the RRDC will require security screening. All data is de-identified to remove personal details. There will also be a full-time Statistics Canada employee at each site to screen the information being accessed to ensure compliance with confidentiality policies and procedures. 


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