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Financial Services Contact Information

General Contact Numbers


Student Inquiries: 306-585-4123 or

General Office: 306-585-4979

Mailing Address

Financial Services
University of Regina
3737 Wascana Parkway
Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 0A2

Organization Chart

Financial Services Organization Chart (416 KB) PDF

Staff Directory

Position Name Phone E-mail Room


e-mails end with
Associate Vice-President (Finance) Lamont Stradeski 306-585-4047 lamont.stradeski AH 205.5
Executive Assistant to AVP (Finance) Marina Ahrendt 306-585-4829 marina.ahrendt AH 205.4


Director, Budget Services Rod Steffan 306-337-2224 rod.steffan AH 205.18
Director, Executive Reporting Services Bob Sonder 306-585-5351 bob.sonder AH 205.17
Director, Financial Reporting Maureen Voss 306-585-4135 maureen.voss AH 205.6
Director, Supply Management Services Jim Woytuik 306-585-4126 jim.woytuik CW 146

Financial Analysts 

Financial Analyst, Accounts Payable / Banking / Trust Minako Boyachek 306-585-4185 minako.boyachek AH 205.2
Financial Analyst, Budget / Treasury Barb Pidkowich 306-585-4749 barbara.pidkowich AH 205.22
Financial Analyst, Fixed Assets / APEA Shukria Amani 306-337-3159 shukria.amani AH 205.4
Financial Analyst, Research / Special Projects Bob Gilongos 306-337-2129 bob.gilongos AH 205.8
Financial Analyst, Research / Special Projects Joey Spitzer 306-337-2648 joey.spitzer AH 330
Financial Analyst, Research / Special Projects Murray Daku 306-337-2382 murray.daku AH 330
Financial Analyst, Research / Special Projects Krysten Forbes 306-585-4027 krysten.forbes AH 205.9
Financial Analyst, Research / Special Projects    CCJS Maria Kamil 306-585-4230 maria.kamil 2R
Financial Analyst, Student Services Craig Lyon 306-337-3138 craig.lyon AH 205.7
Financial Analyst, Systems / Reporting Jenn Kostiuk 306-585-4171 jenn.kostiuk AH 205.10
Financial Analyst, Systems / Reporting Hiromi Isa 306-585-4744 hiromi.isa AH 205.3
Financial Analyst, Tax / Reporting Terri Keith 306-585-4053 terri.keith AH 205.20
Financial Analyst, Treasury / Capital
Maureen Currie 306-337-3292 maureen.currie AH 205.19

Student Receivables


Student Receivables Supervisor Sharon Kowalchuk 306-585-4125 sharon.kowalchuk AH 205
Student Receivables Clerk Lisa Graf 306-585-5138 lisa.graf AH 205
Student Receivables Clerk Isabel Grez 306-337-2445 isabel.grez AH 205
Student Receivables Clerk Ruth Reiner 306-585-4891 ruth.reiner AH 205
Student Receivables Clerk Tetiana Kolotova 306-585-5141 tetiana.kolotova AH 205

External Accounts Receivables

External Accounts Receivables Clerk Matthew Murray 306-585-5137 matthew.murray AH 205

Accounts Payable


Accounts Payable Supervisor Lorraine Horvath 306-585-5139 lorraine.horvath AH 205.1
Accounts Payable Clerk Laurie Baker 306-585-5277 laurie.baker AH 205.1
Senior Accounts Payable Clerk Shirley Shaw 306-585-4109 AH 205.1
Miscellaneous Disbursements Clerk Donna Lissel 306-585-4581 donna.lissel AH 205.1


Banner Systems Supervisor Karen Knobel 306-585-4806 karen.knobel AH 205.4
Fixed Assets Clerk

Mavelyn Wambululu

306-585-5636 mavelyn.wambululu AH 205.4

Supply Management Services

Senior Supply Management Consultant Amber Gunnlaugson 306-585-4031 amber.gunnlaugson CW 146
Senior Supply Management Consultant Don Landry 306-585-5392 don.landry CW 146
Senior Supply Management Consultant Kimberly Mitchell 306-337-2520 kimberly.mitchell CW 146
Supply Management Consultant Wendy Weimer 306-585-5002 wendy.weimer CW 146
Storekeeper II (URStores) Joe Zieger 306-585-4241 joe.zieger RI 110
Supply Management Clerk Kari Gajda 306-585-5003 kari.gajda CW 146
Storekeeper II (URStores) Jason Barker 306-585-4650 jason.barker GG 119
Shipper/Receiver (Central Receiving) Tina Hilchey 306-585-4651 tina.hilchey GG 119
Storekeeper/Receiver (URStores) Alison Walker 306-585-4650 alison.walker RI110/GG119
Storekeeper/Receiver (URStores) Melanie Luu 306-585-4241 melanie.luu RI 110