Responsibility Split for Research and Special Project Funds

We have three Financial Analysts who oversee research and special projects funds. The responsibility for funds is split by faculty and department. Below is the list of faculty and departments handled by each analyst.

Financial Analyst - Krysten Forbes, CPA

Org # Organization Name
2310 Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences
2360 Faculty of Social Work
2415 Johnson Shoyama Gradujate School of Public Policy
2461 Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Communities
2463 Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety (CCJS)
2464 Child Trauma Research
2466 Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT)
2479 Indigenous Peoples Health Research Centre (IPHRC)
2810 La Cite
2910 Faculty of Nursing
2440 University of Regina Press


Financial Analyst - Bob Gilongos, CPA, CMA

Org # Organization Name
1010 Financial Services
1120 Office of Institutional Research
1210 Human Resources
2210 Faculty of Media, Art, & Performance
2480 UR International
2495 Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit
2510 Faculty of Science
2610 Centre for Continuing Education
4100 Student Affairs
6110 Facilities Management
7200 University Advancement and Communications (UAC)


Financial Analyst - Tammy Rupchan, CPA

Org # Organization Name
1300 President's Office
2010 Faculty of Business Admin
2060 Faculty of Education
2110 Faculty of Arts
2410 Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
2465 Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC)
2470 Research Office
2473 Humanities Research Institute
2477 Centre for Aging and Health
2710 Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies
3110 Dr. John Archer Library