Finance Forms

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Name Purpose
Bank Draft Request Form (11 KB) MS Excel To request an invoice be paid by bank draft.
Cheque Request Form (22 KB) MS Excel To request a cheque for miscellaneous payments that have no invoice.

Credit Application Form (38 KB)Adobe

To use for customer and vendor credit application.

Declaration Regarding Use of University Property Off Campus:

To report when University Assets are taken off campus. Most often used to report computers purchased on APEAs are taken home.
Direct Deposit Authorization (183 KB) MS Word To have travel reimbursement claim payments directly deposited to your bank account instead of receiving a cheque.
Journal Voucher Form (17 KB) MS Excel To correct financial transactions or transfer amounts between FOAPALs. See journal voucher page for more info.
Payroll Redistribution Request Form (21 KB) MS Excel To correct or transfer payroll transaction between FOAPALs. See payroll page for more information.
Petty Cash Form (30 KB) MS Excel To report petty cash expenses and replenish your fund.
Petty Cash Change Form (197 KB) MS Word To request to change petty cash information.
Petty Cash Year End Count (39 KB) MS Excel To verify and report petty cash balances at year-end..
Reimbursement Claim Form For best use of this claim form, please save it to your computer desktop or a file path. To request reimbursement of travel expenses.
Student Sponsorship Form (108 KB) Adobe To declare sponsorship of a student.
Special Fee Approval Form (218 KB) MS Excel To request a fee be added to a course.

Special Project Fund Request Form:

To request the creation of a new special project fund.
Travel Authorization Form (341 KB) MS Word To request approval of travel plans and ensure travel insurance is in place.
Unit Analysis Template (120 KB) MS Excel Operating fund budget monitoring template to be used in conjunction with the Unit Analysis CASPUR report
Wire Transfer Request Form (42 KB) MS Excel

To request an invoice be paid by wire transfer.

Vendor Direct Deposit Form

To request invoices be paid by direct deposit

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