About Us

Supply Management Services is located in the College West Building, Room 146 (next to the University Bookstore). We are responsible for the following:

Accountability for the University's Use of Public Funds

Supply Management acquires the best overall value goods and services for the University while using public funds. Through the competitive bid process, we are able to obtain significant savings.

Consulting Services

Supply Management is responsible for and committed to assisting the University's faculty and staff in acquiring value-added, institutional quality goods and services that meet immediate and long-term needs for the best overall value with minimal impact to the environment.

Risk Mitigation

Supply Management Services is responsible for ensuring that procurement processes and practices are conducted in an accountable, fair, and transparent manner through the use of an open competitive bid process. Supply Management creates and continuously updates terms and conditions.

Legal and Ethical Procurement Obligations

Supply Management Services meets the following legal and ethical procurement obligations:

  • Agreement on Internal Trade/MASH Annex
  • New West Partnership Trade Agreement (BC, AB, SK)
  • Terms and conditions set forth by the University and its Board of Governors, Donors, Grantors, and Government agencies
  • Canada Border Services Agency rules and regulations
  • Saskatchewan Waste Electronic Equipment Program (SWEEP)
  • File retention for seven years
  • Purchasing Management Association of Canada Code of Ethics

Professional Organizations

Supply Management's group of professionals belongs to three professional organizations. We are in contact with associated members across Canada regularly, and we attend annual conferences, seminars, and workshops related to supply management.

Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA)

With 373 members across Saskatchewan (7,000 nationally across Canada) SCMA is the largest professional group for supply chain management.

Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO)

Within CAUBO, the National Procurement Committee (NPC) promotes and ensures the exchange of information on supply management strategies and activities in such areas as commodity research, total cost of ownership, government regulations, contract law and identification of best practices.

Agreements for services and commodities are negotiated on behalf of CAUBO members by contract administrators who are responsible for managing competitive bid processes, negotiating new agreements or extensions and handling contract or service-related issues.

Western University Supply Management Association (WUSMA)

WUSMA is a professional group within Western Canada. The main objectives of the association are:

  • To enhance professional purchasing standards among Western university and college Supply Management personnel
  • To exchange ideas, policies, procedures, and research
  • To develop cooperative contracts where feasible, as a means of reducing the cost of doing business and to obtain maximum value for monies expended in the procurements of goods and services
  • To provide technical sources for networking
  • To encourage standardization of specifications for commonly purchased items