For Vendors

The University is committed to a fair and open competitive tendering policy for all interested, qualified suppliers.

This objective is achieved by the use of informal and formal tender documentation obtained and executed by Supply Management Services. Supply Management Services is authorized to enter into contracts, agreements and purchase orders that bind the University to the terms thereof, for goods and services, and to conduct this process in a publicly accountable and transparent manner. The policy also provides staff and faculty with guidelines to receive competitive pricing and best overall value in a manner that meets current legislation, and is in accordance with the resolutions of the University and its Board of Governors.

For vendors submitting a tender document, please be aware of the following:

  • Bid Documents
    The bid documents/files are the property of the University of Regina. Vendors are encouraged to check the Tender Postings for new opportunities.
  • Late Bids/Proposals
    The University of Regina will not accept bids/proposals received after the closing date and time. Furthermore, the University of Regina is not obligated to consider any bid response or to award a contract to any bidder(s).
  • Altering Documents
    Bidders must not electronically alter any portion of downloaded documents with the exception of adding the information requested. Doing so will invalidate the bidder's bid or response.
  • Disclaimer
    While precautions are taken to ensure that files under Tender Postings will not interfere with or cause damage to your system or its existing data, the University of Regina accepts no responsibility for damages that may be caused by these files and makes no other warranty or representation, either express or implied, with respect to these files. These files are provided "as is", and the user assumes the entire risk by using them.
  • Waiver
    Due to vagaries of electronic transmissions, the University of Regina does not guarantee nor will it be liable for the accuracy of what is read or what is downloaded.
  • Limitation of Liability
    The University of Regina shall not be liable for any loss of profits, loss of use, interruption of business, or for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind whether under this agreement or otherwise due to the use of this system.