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Vendor Pre-Qualification

Vendors who have not previously done business with the University of Regina, or who are unknown to Supply Management Services but who wish to submit a tender response, must be pre-qualified. The University of Regina will not accept bids from vendors who are not qualified.

Vendors should be aware that the University of Regina has no obligation to pre-qualify any bidder during a bid process. Vendors requesting pre-qualification are required to complete the Pre-Qualification Form (164 KB) doc The completed form must be sent by fax or e-mail to Supply Management Services.

Vendors are advised that the pre-qualification process takes time to complete and the University of Regina is not obligated to rush pre-qualification. Supply Management Services will provide the evaluation results of the qualifying review by e-mail.

Pre-qualification of vendors for bid opportunities related to AIT and the New West Partnership Agreements posted on Sask Tenders are qualified on a project-to-project basis. In exceptional circumstances the University of Regina may, at its sole discretion, waive the requirement for pre-qualification. However, the University of Regina will not be obligated to exercise its discretion to accept or reject any bid from an unqualified bidder.