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AceticAcid, Glacial, 2.5L HydrochloricAcid, 2.5 L
AmmoniumHydroxide, 2.5L  HydrofluoricAcid 48%, 10 lbs
Bleach 3.6L HydrogenPeroxide 30%, 1L
Bucketsfor Transporting Acids Hypo phosphorousAcid 50%, 473 mL
CausticSoda (NaOH) 50% Solution,18.9L JAVEXBleach
Chromerge(Chromic Acid) Glassware MuriaticAcid/(HCL) Solution, 37.8L
FormicAcid 90%, 500 mL NitricAcid, 2.5L
HydrodicAcid 47%, 118 mL PerchloricAcid, 8lbs
HydriobromicAcid 48%, 473mL SulfuricAcid, 2.5L
HydrochloricAcid, 1 N, 4L SulfurousAcid, 946 mL
HydrochloricAcid, 1 N, 20L


.1%-50%Carbon Dioxide in Air Gas M EthaneGas Tech. Grade. K Size
1%Hydrogen Balance Helium K-Size HeliumGas, Balloon Grade, Size 44
10%Hydrogen ,90% Nitrogen HeliumGas, High Purity, Size T
30%Nitrogen 70% Helium UHP Grade HeliumGas, Industrial Grade, Size
5% CO2,Balance Nitrogen, Size K HeliumGas, UHP, K
5%Hydrogen 95% Nitrogen Gas Mixture HydrogenBromide Gas, 99%, in Lecture
550Series Process and Test Gauge 0 HydrogenChloride Gas, Size K
70 %Nitrogen 30 % Helium Gas Mixture HydrogenGas, UHP, K
Acetylene Hydrogen HP+Gas Size 44
AcetyleneInstrument Grade LiquidHelium Fill
Acetylene,Size B LiquidNitrogen, 1L into a warm dew
Air-Breathing Quality LiquidNitrogen,1L into a cold dew
AmmoniumAnhydrous Gas MedicalOxygen Size E
Argon, UHP, K MethaneUHP Q Size
ButaneGas Cylinder 350g Methane, CPGrade Lecture Size
ButaneGas, Instrument Grade, 1 kg NitrogenGas, Industrial Grade, K
CarbonDioxide Gas Anaerobic NitrogenGas, Ultrahigh Purity, Size
CarbonDioxide Instrument Grade K-S NitrogenRES Grd 99.999% UHP Size K
CarbonDioxide , Dry, K NitrousOxide, Spec Gas, Size K
CarbonDioxide , Dry, Research Grade OxygenCylinder, Medical Grade, Size
CarbonDioxide , Lecture Size OxygenGas, Research Grade, Size 44
CompressedAir, Extra Dry, Size K OxygenGrade 5.0 99.999%
CompressedAir, Medical Size 44 Oxygen UHP
CompressedAir, Medical, Size 20 P-10Gas Mixture, Ultra High Purity
CompressedAir, Size 44 ResearchGrade Carbon Monoxide Purity
CompressedAir, UHP K SizeMe Cylinder OF Medical Oxygen 
CompressedCarbon Monoxide WeldingGrade Oxygen Size 44
DryIce Crushed in Chunks, Sold /KG

General Chemicals:

AmmoniumChloride 500g P PotassiumPhosphate Dibasic,500 gm
AmmoniumNitrate 500 gm PotassiumPhosphate Monobasic 500 g
AmmoniumSulphate 3 kg PotassiumSulphate 500 gm
CalciumChloride 500 g SodiumBicarbonate 500 g
Chloroform, 25ml SodiumBisulfite, 500 g
Citrated Sheep'sBlood SodiumCarbonate ACS Grade, 500 g
Deionized/DistilledWater, 20L SodiumChloride, 12 kg
Dimethyl D6Sulfoxide 25 g SodiumChloride, 2.5 kg
Drierite Ind8-Mesh 1LB SodiumChloride, 500 gm
Drierite Ind8-Mesh 5LB SodiumChromate, Anhydrous, 500 gm
Ferric Nitrate 9H2O, 500 g SodiumDichromate, 2.25kg
Methyl OrangeSOLN, 100mL SodiumHydroxide1 kg
PotassiumChlorate, 3 kg SodiumHydroxide Pellets, 500gm
PotassiumChlorate, 500 gm Sodium NITRATE, 500 g
PotassiumChloride 500 g SodiumPhosphate Diabasic, 500 g
PotassiumChloride, 3 kg SodiumPhosphate ,Monobasic,500gm
PotassiumChromate, 100 gm SodiumSulphate Anhydrous 500g
PotassiumHydroxide Pellets, 500 gm ZincChloride, 2.5 kg


1,3-DicyclohexylCarbodimide,100 g EthylAcetate, 4L
1-Propanol,Bulk EthylAcetate, PEST. Grade , 4 L
2-Propanol(Isopropyl Alcohol) Bulk EthylAlcohol Anhydrous 100% 4L
2-Propanol,Pesticide Grade  EthylEther Pesticide Grade 4L
4-(Dimethylamino)Pyridine, 100g EthyleneDichloride, Bulk
85%Ethanol - 15% Methanol, Bulk Formaldehyde,Bulk
AbsoluteEthyl Alcohol 500mL HeptaneOmnisolve 4L
Acetone(Peter Leavitt) HexanePesticide Grade 4L
Acetone HPLCGrade, 1L Hexanes 4L
AcetoneOmnisolv Grade 4L Hexanes HPLCGrade 4L
AcetonePesticide Grade 4L HPLCGrade Methanol from Anachemia
Acetone, ACS,Bulk IsopropanolOmnisolve 4L
Acetonitrile HPLCGrade 1L IsopropylAlcohol, 1L, Omnisolve 
Acetonitrile, Pest. Grade , 4 L IsopropylAlcohol,4L,ACS (2-Propanol)
Acetonitrile HPLCGrade 4L MethanolOmnisolve 4L
ChloroformACS, 4L Methanol, HPLCGrade, 1L
Chloroform-d 100g 1% TMS Methanol,Pest. Grade, 4L
Chloroform-d, 100g, NO TMS Methanol,Reagent Grade, 4L
Chloroform-D, NO TMS, .75Ampule MethyleneChloride, 4L
Chloroform-D, NO TMS,50 g N-Heptane 4L
Cyclohexane,Pesticide Grade , 4L N-Pentane, HPLCGrade, 4L
Cyclohexanol, 4 L P-XYLENE,Bulk
Dichloromethane HPLC, 1 L PetroleumEther, 4 L
Dichloromethane(Meth Chloride), 4L PetroleumSpirit (Ether),ACS Grade , 4L
Dichloromethane,ACS,4L Pyridine, 100 mL
DiethylEther, Anhydrous 4L Tetrahydrofuran (THF), 1L
DimethylSulfoxide (DMSO) 4L Toluene ACSGrade 1L
DimethylSulfoxide,(DMSO-d6), 0.8mL Toluene, ACS, 4L
Ethanol 95%,Bulk Xylenes ACSGrade 4L