Adaptors and Connectors:

Adapter, Metric to Imperial Tubing Glass Adaptor 29/24-34/45
Adapter, Metric  to Imperial Tubing Glass Adaptor 29/32-24/29
Adapter, Sleeve 19/22 Glass Adaptor 29/42-24/40
Adapter, Sleeve 19/38 Glass Adaptor 34/45-24/29
Adapter, Sleeve, 19/35 Glass Adaptor 34/45-29/25
Adaptor Glass Enlarging 19/38 TO 2 Glass Adaptor 34/45-29/42
Adaptor, Elbow, 2 Male 24/40 Ground Joint Ball 12/2
Adaptor,75 Degree Sidearm,10/30;2x24/40 Ground Joint Ball 18/9
Adapter, Flex adaptor 24/40 Ground Joint Ball 28/12
Connector, T 8MM Ground Joint Inner 19/38
Connector, Y 8MM Ground Joint Outer 10/19
Elbow Joint 24/40 Ground Joint Outer 10/30
Glass Adapter 10/30-19/38 Ground Joint Outer 19/38
Glass Adapter 10/30-24/40 Ground Joint Socket 12/2
Glass Adapter 24/40-10/30 Ground Joint Socket 18/9
Glass Adaptor 14/20-24/40 Ground Joint Socket 28/12
Glass Adaptor 19/26-24/29 Ground Joint Socket, 12/5
Glass Adaptor 24/29-19/26 Ground Joint, Female, 12/30
Glass Adaptor 24/29-29/32 Ground Joint, Female, 34/45
Glass Adaptor 24/40-14/20 Ground Joint, Male, 10/30
Glass Adaptor 24/40-19/38 Tube Connector 24/29
Glass Adaptor 24/40-29/42 Tube Connector, Straight
Glass Adaptor 24/40-34/45 Vacuum Adaptor,105 Degree 24/40


Beaker Griffin, 4000 ml Low Form Beaker, Low Form, 250 ml
Beaker Griffin, 800 ml Low Form Beaker, Low Form, 30 ml
Beaker, Low Form, 10 ml Beaker, Low Form, 400 ml
Beaker, Low Form, 100 ml Beaker, Low Form, 50 ml
Beaker, Low Form, 1000 ml Beaker, Low Form, 600 ml
Beaker, Low Form, 150 ml Beaker, Tall Form, 200 ml
Beaker, Low Form, 1500 ml Beaker, Tall Form, 400 ml
Beaker, Low Form, 20 ml Beaker, Tall Form, 500 ml
Beaker, Low Form, 2000 ml Beaker, Tall Form, 600 ml


1000mL N.M. Glass Amber 500mL MEDIA Bottle
1000mL NM Glass Bottle 500mL W.M. Clear Glass Bottle
1000mL PYREX Media Bottle 500mL W.M. Clr Glass Bottle with Stopper
1000mL Clear Glass Bottle with Stopper 60mL Dropper Bottle Glass 
100ml W.M. Media Bottle 60mL N.M. Clear Glass Bottle
125ml Media Bottle 60mL W.M. Clear Glass Bottle
125mL N.M. Clear Glass Bottle Bottle Gas Wash 125ml
125mL W.M. Clear Glass Bottle Bottle Gas Wash 250mL w/o Top
1L W.M. Clear Glass Bottle Bottle, Gas Wash, Complete 250ml
250mL Narrow Mouth Clear Glass Bottle Bottle, Gas Wash, Complete 500ml
250mL Clear Glass Bottle PVC Coated Bottle, Glass 125ml Dropper Wheaton
250ML Media Bottle Bottle, Glass 75ml N.M. RD. Screw
250mL Narrow Mouth Amber Glass  Bottle, Glass Jug
250mL Wide Mouth Clear Glass Bottle Bottle, Specific Gravity
2L W.M. Clear Glass Bottle Dropping Bottle 8OZ with Pippet
30ml Dropper Bottle Glass  Dropping Bottle AMB. 8OZ
30ml Dropper Bottle Glass Wheaton Dropping Bottle SQ. AMB. 30mL
30mL N.M. Clear Glass Bottle Glass Dropper Bottle w/o Dropper 
480mL N.M. Clear Glass Bottle Replacement Pippet FOR S31075
500mL N.M Amber Glass Bottle Replacement Pippet FOR SS31671
500mL Glass Bottle with Stopper Top for Gas Wash Bottle (S1-07-158)


Buret, 10mL Buret, 25mL
Buret, 100mL Buret, 50mL


Crucible Cover 77mm Crucible, Narrow Form 5
Crucible Cover, Nickel Crucible, Narrow Form Perf.
Crucible, Cover 75mm DIA Crucible, Porous Bottom
Crucible, Gooch Type Glass 15F Crucible, Wide Form 4
Crucible, Gooch Type Glass 15M Mortar with Pestle Glass 2OZ
Crucible, Narrow Form 2 Mortar with Pestle Glass 4OZ
Crucible, Narrow Form 4 Mortar with Pestle Glass 8OZ


1000ML Filter Flask Flask, RB, 100 ML, 24/40 Long Neck 
2L Volumetric Flask Flask, RB, 1000 ML, 24/40
Erlenmeyer Flask with Ground Joint Flask, RB, 1000 ML, 24/40 Long Neck 
Flask Erlenmeyer, 50mL Plastic Flask, RB, 1000 ML, 29/42
Flask RB 10ML 19/22 Flask, RB, 1000ML, 3 Neck 24/40
Flask RB 15ML 14/20 Flask, RB, 25 ML, 14/20
Flask RB 15ML 19/22 Flask, RB, 25 ML, 2 Neck 14/20
Flask RB 25ML 19/22 Flask, RB, 250 ML, 24/40
Flask RB 50ML 19/22 Flask, RB, 250 NL, 2 Neck 24/40
Flask RB 5ML 19/22 Flask, RB, 250ML, 3 Neck 24/40
Flask, Boiling 100 ML Round Bottom Flask, RB, 5 ML, 14/20
Flask, Boiling 150 ML Flat Bottom Flask, RB, 50 ML, 14/20
Flask, Boiling 250 ML No Ground Joint Flask, RB, 50 ML, 19/38
Flask, Boiling 500 ML No Ground Joint Flask, RB, 50 ML, 2 Neck 14/20
Flask, Distilling 200 ML 3-Neck Flask, RB, 50 ML, 24/40
Flask, Distilling 250 ML S-Tube Flask, RB, 500 ML, 24/40
Flask, Distilling 500 ML 3-Neck Flask, RB, 500ML, 3 Neck 24/40
Flask, Erlenmeyer 1000 ML Flask, RB, 50mL, 19/26
Flask, Erlenmeyer 125 ML Flask, Volumetric 10 ML
Flask, Erlenmeyer 2000 ML Flask, Volumetric 100 ML
Flask, Erlenmeyer 25 ML Flask, Volumetric 1000ML
Flask, Erlenmeyer 250 ML Flask, Volumetric 25 ML W Stopper
Flask, Erlenmeyer 250 ML 24/40 Flask, Volumetric 250 ML
Flask, Erlenmeyer 4000 ML Flask, Volumetric 5 ML W Glass Base
Flask, Erlenmeyer 50 ML Flask, Volumetric 500 ML
Flask, Erlenmeyer 500 ML Flask, Volumetric 50ML
Flask, Erlenmeyer 6000 ML Flask, Pear Shaped 50mL L. Neck  19/24
Flask, FB, 500 ML, 24/40 Flask, Pear-Shpd,Side Arm,50mL,14/23
Flask, Filtering 1000 ML Flask, RB. 50mL Long Neck 19/26
Flask, Filtering 125 ML Flask, RB,1000mL,3 Neck 34/45;2x24/40
Flask, Filtering 250 ML Flask, RB,100mL,19/26
Flask, Filtering 500 ML Flask, RB,300ML,3 Neck 24/40;2X19/38
Flask, IODINE 125 ML Flask, RB,500mL,3-Neck,24/29,2x14/23
Flask, RB, 10 ML, 14/20 Flask, RB,500ML, 3 Neck35/45;2X24/40
Flask, RB, 100 ML, 14/20 Flask, RB,50mL No Joint
Flask, RB, 100 ML, 2 Neck 24/40 Flask,Volumetric 50 ML, Amber
Flask, RB, 100 ML, 24/40 Flask, Volumetric 5ML


11' Funnel Funnel Buchner, W/Water Jack
125ml Separatory Funnel Polypropylene Funnel Buchner,#3
55mm Buchner Funnel IN Polypropylene Funnel Fluted, 60 mm X 100mm Long S
55mm Diameter Buchner Funnel, W/ PE Funnel Hirsch
8' Funnel Funnel Hirsch, Medium
Buchner Funnel, 150 ml Funnel Plain, 60mm X 75mm Long Stem
Buchner Funnel, 250 ML Funnel Plain, Filling
Buchner Funnel, 50 ML Funnel Powder Glass 125MM
Funnel Analytical, 100mm Funnel Powder Glass 60MM
Funnel Analytical, 40mm Funnel Powder Glass 80MM
Funnel Analytical, 60mm Funnel Powder, 100mm
Funnel Analytical, 60mm Funnel Powder, 150mm
Funnel Analytical, 60mm Funnel Separatory, 125mm Pear Shape
Funnel Analytical, 65mm Funnel Separatory, 125mm Pear Type
Funnel Analytical, 65mm Plastic Funnel Separatory, 250mm Pear Shape
Funnel Analytical, 75mm Plastic Funnel Separatory,500mL Pear Shape
Funnel Analytical, 90mm Plastic Funnel Separatory,50mL CYLINDRICAL
Funnel Analytical,151mm Plastic Funnel Separatory,60mL Pear Shape
Funnel Analytical,35mm Plastic Funnel, Buchner 42mm
Funnel Buchner - 32mm Diameter (Medium) Funnel, Buchner Fritted 15F
Funnel Buchner 100MM Diameter Plate Funnel, Buchner Fritted 15M
Funnel Buchner 126MM Diameter Plate Funnel, Buchner Fritted 60
Funnel Buchner, #5 Funnel, Buchner Polypropylene 2-PEI
Funnel Buchner, #7 Funnel/Support Assy. 25mm
Funnel Buchner, #8 Glass Filter Membrane Holder/Funnel
Funnel Buchner, Small Glass Funnel/Support & Clamp, Filter
Funnel Buchner, Small

Graduated Cylinders:

1000mL Graduated Cylinder Grad Cylinder, 10ML
1L Graduated Cylinder Grad Cylinder, 250ML
2L Graduated Cylinder Grad Cylinder, 500ML
Erlenmyer Flask 500 ML NM Grad Cylinder, 50ML
Grad Cylinder Glass Base, 25ML Grad Cylinder, 50ML Plastic Base
Grad Cylinder, 100ML Glass Base Grad Cylinder,10ML, Plastic Base
Grad Cylinder, 100ML Plastic Base Grad Cylinder,25ML Plastic Base


385ml Evaporating Porcelain Dish 145 Stopcock Glass,4mm HI-VAC RT Angle
Condenser Dewar, 14/20 Stopcock Glass,4mm HI-VAC Sidearm
Cow Receiver, 19/26 4x14/23 Stopcock, Teflon 5mm OBLIQUE
Dissicator Plate, 230mm Diameter Stopcock, Teflon 5mm HI-VAC RT Angle
Dissicator Plate, 235mm Diameter Tube Condenser, 24/40
Dissicator Plate, 115mm Diameter Tube Condenser, Condenser 
Dissicator Plate, 150mm Diameter Tube Condenser, Thistle
Dissicator Plate, 195mm Diameter Tube Drying, 100 MM
Dissicator Plate, 95mm Diameter Tube Drying, 150 MM
Distillation Apparatus Short Body 7/12-14/20 Tube Drying, 200 MM
Distillation Apparatus 50mL 14/23 Tube Drying, Elbow Shaped 19/26
Distilling Apparatus. SHORT,10/18,14/20 Tube Drying, Straight Nalgene
Distilling Apparatus, 50mL, 10/18 Tube Drying, U-Shape
Distilling Apparatus, 100mL, 14/23 Tube Immersion, 10mm DIA, Fritted 
Distilling COLUMN, 24/29 Tube Immersion, 30mm DIA, Fritted 
Glass Sprayer 50ml Tube Immersion, 60mm DIA, Fritted 
Micro distillation Apparatus 5mL Tube Immersion, Seal Fritted 10 FMC
Still, Deliver Tip Tube Immersion, Seal Fritted 20FMC
Stopcock Glass, 1mm 3-WAY 'T' TUBE Immersion, Seal Fritted F10
Stopcock Glass, 1mm Oblique Bore Watch Glass 65mm
Stopcock Glass, 1mm Straight Bore Watch Glass 90mm
Stopcock Glass, 2mm 3-WAY 'Y' Watch Glass, 125mm
Stopcock Glass, 2mm HI-VAC Watch Glass, 150mm
Stopcock Glass, 3mm Watch Glass, 40mm
Stopcock Glass, 6mm Straight Bore Watch Glass, 50mm
Stopcock Glass, 8mm Oblique Bore Watch Glass, 60mm
Stopcock Glass, 8mm Straight Bore Watch Glass, 75mm
Stopcock Glass,2 mm HI-VAC RT Angle

Mortar and Pestle:

16 /250mL Mortar and Pestle Mortar and Pestle, 118ml Glass 
2oz Mortar and Pestle Set - Clear G Mortar and Pestle, 135 ml
Mortar and Pestle Glass 1 OZ Mortar and Pestle, 237ml Glass 
Mortar and Pestle Glass 2PT 2OZ Mortar and Pestle, 45ml
Mortar and Pestle Glass 4 OZ Mortar and Pestle Set 100mL 100mm D
Mortar and Pestle Porcelain. 130MM, 400 ML Mortar Size 1, 145ml, 90mm Diameter
Mortar and Pestle Porcelain. 300mL 130mm DIA Pestle Size 1
Mortar and Pestle Porcelain. 500mL 160mm DIA Pestle, Porcelain, for Mortar 001-


Bends Vacuum Connection 19/26 Vacuum Adapter Take Off
Bends Vacuum Connection 24/29


1 Dram (3.7mL) Vial Clear Glass Snap Cap Vial 30 Dram (110ML)
1 Dram RAM Vial Shell Snap Cap Vial 4 Dram (17ML)
1 Dram Vial, Shell with Snap Cap CL Snap Cap Vial 40 Dram (145ML)
2 Dram (7.4mL) Vial Clear Glass Snap Cap Vial 7 Dram (29ML)
2 Dram (7.4ML) Vial Shell  Vial Shell W/CAP 0.5 Dram
4 Dram (14.8mL) Vial Clear Glass Vial Shell W/CAP 10 Dram
4mL Vial Vial Shell W/CAP 12 Dram
6 Dram (22.2mL) Vial Clear Glass Vial Shell W/CAP 2 Dram
8 Dram (29.6mL) Vial Clear Glass Vial Shell W/CAP 3 Dram
8 Dram (29.6mL) Vial Clear Glass Shell  Vial Shell W/CAP 7 Dram
9.5 Dram (35.1mL) Vial Clear Glass Vial, Clear Glass Shell, 14.8ml(4 D
Scintillation Vial 20ml Plastic Vial, Clear Glass Shell, 24x203mm
Snap Cap Vial 12 Dram (50ML) Vial, Scint. 20ml Clear, Glass,100/PK
Snap Cap Vial 16 Dram (65ML) Vial, Serum