1/16 Brass Male Connector Connector, Brass, 3/16 NPTx1/8 Barb
1/2 X 1/16 Reducer Brass Connector, Brass,3/8'NPT x 1/4' Barb
1/2" Elbow Brass NPT Connector, Brass,1/4'NPT-6mm Inlet
1/2" T NPT Brass Coupling, Brass Female 1/2'
1/2-1/4 Reducer Coupling Coupling, Brass Female 1/4'
1/2X 1/8 Reducer Brass Coupling, Brass Female 1/8'
1/4 - 1/16 Brass Reducing Bushing Coupling, Brass Female 3/8'
1/4 X 1/16 Reducer Brass Elbow Brass NPT
1/4 X 1/8 Reducer Brass Female CGA 590 Fitting AdaptorÂ
1/4" Elbow Brass NPT Male-Female ADAPTOR Brass
1/4" T NPT Brass NIPPLE, Brass, 1/2' NPT Close
1/8 X 1/16 Reducer Brass NIPPLE, Brass, 1/4' NPT Close
1/8" T NPT Brass NIPPLE, Brass, 1/8' NPT Close
3/8 X 1/16 Reducer Brass NIPPLE, Brass, 3/8' NPT Close
3/8 X 1/4 Reducer Brass Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 1/2 - 1/2" BrassÂ
3/8 X 1/8 Reducer Brass Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 1/2 - 3/4" BrassÂ
3/8" Elbow Brass NPT Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 1/2 - 3/8" BrassÂ
3/8" T NPT Brass Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 1/2 - 5/8" BrassÂ
3/8-1/16 Brass Bushing Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 1/4 - 1/4" BrassÂ
Brass Connector, 1/4'NPT x 1/4' Barb Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 3/4 - 1" BrassÂ
Brass Regulator Nut, CGA 590 Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 3/4 - 1/2" BrassÂ
Brass , Brass 1/2' x 1/4' NPT Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 3/4 - 3/4" BrassÂ
Bushing, Brass 1/2' X 3/8' NPT Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 3/4 - 3/8" BrassÂ
Bushing, Brass 1/4' x 1/8' NPT Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 3/4 - 5/8" BrassÂ
Bushing, Brass 3/8' x 1/4' NPT Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 3/8 - 1/2" BrassÂ
Bushing, Brass 3/8' x 1/8' NPT Pipe Adaptor Male NPT 3/8 - 3/8" BrassÂ
Bushing, Brass, 3/4' x 1/2' NPT Plug, Brass 1/16' NPT
Bushing, Brass, 1/2' x 3/8' NPT Plug, Brass 1/2' NPT
Bushing, Brass,1/2' x 1/8' NPT Plug, Brass 1/4' NPT
CGA 350 Nut and Nipple, for Hydrogen Plug, Brass 1/8' NPT
CGA 500 Nut 0.885-14NGO-RH-INT, Male Plug, Brass 3/8' NPT
CGA 580 Nut and Nipple T-Connector, Brass, 1/4'
CGA 590 Nut and Nipple Fitting Union1/4' x 1/8'
CGA-320 Adaptor Union, 1/2' x 1/4'
Connector Brass NPT 3/16"-1/4" Union, 1/8' x 1/16', S.S.
Connector Brass Barbed 1/4"-1/4" NPT Union, 1/8' x 1/8', S.S.


2-Part Epoxy Glue Gun
Clear Silicone Glue Stick, Multi-Temp PK/30
Contact Cement Super Fast Epoxy Kit, Syringe, 5MIN
Crazy Glue White Silicone


1-1/2" SS Hose Clamp Clamp Holder 45 Angle
1-1/4" SS Hose Clamp Clamp Holder Jumbo
11/16' Hose Clamp Clamp Holder Swivel
3 INCH Hose Clamp Clamp Hose 2 5/16' x 3 1/4'
3-Prong Adjustable Angle Clamp 2.25 Clamp Pinchcock
3-Prong Fixed Angle Clamp 2.25' WIT Clamp Pinchcock
5/8" S.S. Hose Clamp Clamp Pinchcock
Beaker Tongs w/Asbestos Sleeve Clamp Small Asbestos Sleeve
Bench Clamp Clamp Swivel Medium Vinyl Coated
Casserole Tongs Clamp Swivel Small ASB Sleeve
Clamp 90 Degree Angle Clamp Tubing Autoclavable
Clamp Ball and Socket Joint Large Clamp Universal Large AS.SL
Clamp Ball and Socket Joint Medium Clamp Water Bath Large
Clamp Ball and Socket Joint Small Clamp Water Bath Small
Clamp Ball and Socket Joint XL Clamp, Swivel, Medium, 3-Prong , ASB
Clamp Brass Tubing 15mm Clamp, Swivel, Small, Vinyl Coated
Clamp Brass Tubing 20mm Crucible Tongs Aluminum
Clamp Burette Double Hold Crucible Tongs Zinc
Clamp Burette Medium 3 Jaws Crucible Tongs , Brass
Clamp Extended 4-Prong Cork Coated Flow Clamp for 1/8-1/2'OD Tubing
Clamp Extended Lrg. 3 Prong Asbestos Sleeve Gas Cylinder Bracket- Wall Mount
Clamp Extended Med 3-Prong Asbestos Sleeve Gas Cylinder Strap, Replacement
Clamp Extended Medium Vinyl Coated Hose Clamp 5/16' TO 7/8'
Clamp Extended Small Asbestos Sleeve Hose Clamp, 3/16' x 5/8'
Clamp Extended ,Small ,Vinyl Coated Hose Clamp, 9/16' TO 1-1/4'
Clamp Hoffman Keck Clip #14 - Yellow
Clamp Hoffman Large Open Side Keck Clip #19 (Blue)
Clamp Hoffman Medium (3/4-1' Jaw) Keck Connector # 24 (Green)
Clamp Hoffman Small (1/2-3/4' Jaw) Test Tube ClampÂ
Clamp Hoffman Small Open Side Wall Bracket


15 Metre Extension Cord H/D O/D Cord
16/2 HPN Extension Cord Wire Flat Octopus Receptacle
CUBE TAP, Polarized P&S CO511 PLG-2P3W-15A/125V-HH
Electrical Cable, 16/3 SJTW Cabtyre Plug, Female 3-WireÂ
Electrical Cable, 18/3 SJTW Cabtyre Plug, Male 2-Wire, 15A/125V
Electrical Cord, 2-Wire, 18/2 SJ Plug, Male 3-Wire, 15A/125V
Extension Cord Assorted Sizes Power Bar
Grounded Extension Cord, 3m,3 Plugs Temperature Plug for Thermocouple
Grounded Extension Cord, 4.5m,3 Plug Thermocouple Wire for S1-08-041


3-in-1 Oil Immersion Oil for Microscopes 30mL
Aerosol Silicone Lubricant Mineral Oil, Light, 1L
Compressed Air, (Duster) Super Duster, 450g
Contact Cleaner Vacuum Pump Oil, 4L
Fisher Bath Oil 20L WD-40 Lubricant Spray
Grease High Vacuum


O-Ring ID 0.921, Width 0.103 O-Ring Seal, ID.112
O-Ring ID 0.984, Width 0.103 O-Ring Seal, ID.113
O-Ring ID 1.109, Width 0.103 O-Ring Seal, ID.114
O-Ring ID 1.125, Width 0.103 O-Ring Seal, ID.115
O-Ring ID 1.234, Width 0.103 O-Ring Seal, ID.116
O-Ring ID 1.296, Width 0.103 O-Ring Seal, ID.210
O-Ring ID 1.421, Width 0.103 O-Ring Seal, ID.211
O-Ring ID 1.484, Width 0.103 O-Ring Seal, ID.212
O-Ring ID 1.609, Width 0.103 O-Ring Seal, ID.213
O-Ring ID 1.625, Width 0.103 O-Ring Seal, ID.214
O-Ring ID 1.64, Width 0.103 O-Ring Seal, ID.215
O-Ring Seal, ID.006 O-Ring Seal, ID.216
O-Ring Seal, ID.007 O-Ring Seal, ID.217
O-Ring Seal, ID.008 O-Ring Seal, ID.218
O-Ring Seal, ID.009 O-Ring Seal, ID.219
O-Ring Seal, ID.010 O-Ring Seal, ID.220
O-Ring Seal, ID.011 O-Ring Seal, ID.221
O-Ring Seal, ID.012 O-Ring Seal, ID.222
O-Ring Seal, ID.013 O-Ring Seal, ID.223
O-Ring Seal, ID.014 O-Ring Seal, ID.224
O-Ring Seal, ID.015 O-Ring Seal, ID.325
O-Ring Seal, ID.016 O-Ring Seal, ID.326
O-Ring Seal, ID.110 O-Ring Seal, ID.327
O-Ring Seal, ID.111 O-Ring , ID 1.875, Width 0.103


All Purpose Sandpaper 9'*11' Sandpaper 3X Fine 150 Grit
Sandpaper Coarse 60 Grit Sandpaper 3X Medium 100 Grit


Aspirator 3/8' NPT Plastic Vernier Calipers