14'X19' Red Autoclave Bags PK/25 Biohazard Bags, PKG OF 200 24x30'
25'X35' Red Autoclave Bags ZIP-LOC Bags Large
8'X12' Red Autoclave Bags PK/25 ZIP-LOC Bags, Medium
Bag, Sterile Sample Bags , 4.5' X 9' ZIP-LOC Plastic Sample Bags
Biohazard Bags 12 X24 ZIP-LOC Freezer Bags Small


Filter Membrane Acetate, 0.45 uM Filter Paper, #1, 7.0 cm
Filter Membrane, 0.45 um, 25 mm Diameter Filter Paper, #1, 9.0 cm, Unwashed
Filter Paper #4 9 cm Filter Paper, #2 X 11.0 cm
Filter Paper #4, 12.5 cm Filter Paper, #2, 12.5 cm
Filter Paper #5 11 cm Filter Paper, #2, 18.5 cm
Filter Paper #5 12.5 cm Filter Paper, #2, 4.25 cm
Filter Paper #5 15 cm Filter Paper, #2, 5.5cm Unwashed
Filter Paper #5 4.25 cm Filter Paper, #2, 7.0 cm
Filter Paper #5 4.7 cm Filter Paper, #2, 9.0 cm
Filter Paper #5 5.5 Filter Paper, #4, 11.0 cm
Filter Paper #5 7 cm Filter Paper, #4, 15.0 cm
Filter Paper #5 9 cm Filter Paper, #40, 11.0 cm
Filter Paper #4 7 cm Filter Paper, #42, 11.0 cm
Filter Paper #4 4.25 cm Filter Paper, #44, 11.0 cm
Filter Paper, #1 X 4.25 cm Filter Paper, #540, 2.4 cm
Filter Paper, #1, 11.0 cm Unwashed Filter Paper, #541, 11.0 cm
Filter Paper, #1, 12.5 cm, Unwashed Filter Paper, Extraction Thimbles
Filter Paper, #1, 18.5 cm Unwashed Polycarbonate Membrane Filter 47mm
Filter Paper, #1, 24.0 cm Unwashed Whatman Polycarb Filter,.45um,47mm
Filter Paper, #1, 5.5 cm


1 mL Syringe w/ Needle, Disposable 50 ML Plastic Syringes
1 mL Syringe, Disposable 50 mL Syringe, Glass
10 mL Syringe, Disposable 50 uL Syringe, Gastight
10 mL Syringe, Disposable, w/ Needle 5ML Disposable Plastic Syringes LS
10 mL Syringe, Gastight 60 mL Syringe, Disposable
10 mL Syringe, Glass, w/ Luer-Lock Septum Penetrate. Needle 18 Gauge,12'
10 uL Syringe, W Needle Septum Penetrate. Needle 20 Gauge, 6'
100 uL Syringe Septum Penetrate. Needle,18 Gauge,6'
100 uL Syringe, Gastight Septum Penetrate. Needle, 20 Gauge,12'
100 uL Syringe, w/Needle Sharps Container Yellow 1.4L
1000 ul Syringe, w/ Needle Stainless Steel Syringe Needle 6'22
10ML Disposable Plastic Syringe LS Syringe Glass 10 ml
1ML Disposable Plastic Syringe LS Syringe Glass Luer-Lock, 2ML
2 Gallon Red Sharps Container Syringe Glass Luer-Lock, 5ML
20 CC Glass Syringe w/ Luer-Lock Syringe Glass, 100 uL
20 mL Syringe, Disposable Syringe Needle, 16 Gauge, 1 1/2'
22 gauge needle Syringe Needle, 18 Gauge 1 1/2'
25 uL Glass Syringe w/ Needle Syringe Needle, 20 Gauge 1 1/2'
25uL Syringe, Gastight Syringe Needle, 22 Gauge 1 1/2'
3 LITRE Red Sharps Container Syringe Needle, 25 Gauge 1 1/2'
30 mL Syringe, GLASS Syringe Needle, 26 Gauge 1/2'
3mL Syringe, Disposable Syringe Needle, Reusable
5 mL Syringe, Disposable Syringe w/ Slip Tip Sterile, B-D


#15 Scalpel Blades Forceps, Straight Plastic Locking
'T' Pins 4CM Forceps, Straight Ultra Fine
'T' Pins 5CM Forceps, Straight Blunt
Black Dissecting Wax Iris Scissors Pointed Tip, Straight
Blunt/Sharp Point Scissors 4 1/2' Mini-Razor Blade Scraper
College Dissecting Kit Razor Blade Single Edge
Dissecting Pins 4.4CM Size 28 Scalpel Blade #25, Fits Handle #4
Disposable Plastic Scalpel #10 Scalpel Blade #10 Fits Handle #3
Dissecting Pins 5CM Size 32 Straight Scalpel Blade #11 Fits Handle #3
Dissecting Probe 6 Blunt Scalpel Blade #12, Fits Handle #3
Dissecting Probe, Sharp Scalpel Blade #15, Fits Handle #3
Dressing Forceps Straight 14CM Scalpel Blade #22 Fits Handle #4
Economy Carbon Steel Scalpel Scalpel Blade #23 Fits Handle #4
Forceps, Extra Ultra Fine Straight Scalpel Handle #3
Forceps Cover Glass Scalpel Handle #4
Forceps Steel Small Dissecting Kit
Forceps, Blunt, PTFE Coated Splinter Forceps Curved 4(1/2)'
Forceps, Curved Fine Splinter Forceps Straight 4(1/2)'
Forceps, Curved Locking Splinter Forceps Curved Smooth Tip
Forceps, Fine Straight Tip Straight Forceps Fine Short
Forceps, Plastic T-Pins, 25/PKG


Refill Thermometer for S1-83-034 Thermometer Glass, -10C to 360C
Thermometer -10 to 110C w/ Case Thermometer, -10, 400C
Thermometer -10C to 360C 7/12 Joint Thermometer,-10 to 250C,10/18 Joint
Thermometer 140C to 300C Thermometer,-20C TO 110C (Non-Merc)

Stir Bars:

Stir Bar Polygonal 12X4.5MM Stir Bar, Teflon 3 X 10 mm
Stir Bar Retriever Stir Bar, Teflon 5/16 x 2
Stir Bar, 1/2' x 3' Stir Bar, Teflon, 2 X 7 mm
Stir Bar, 3/8' x 2 1/2' Stir Bar, Teflon, 3/4 X 1 5/8'
Stir Bar, 3/8' x 2' Stir Bar, Teflon, 5/16 X 1 1/2'
Stir Bar, Pyrex 1/2 x 3/8 Stir Bar, Teflon, 5/16 X 1'
Stir Bar, Teflon 1/2 x 3 Stir Bar, Teflon, 5/16 x 1/2'


Blue Litmus (pH) Paper, Red in Acid pH Buffer Standard, pH 4 (Red)
Buffer Salt, pH 4.01 pH Buffer Standard, pH 7 (Yellow)
Buffer Salt, pH 6.86 pH Paper 6-9
Iodine Test Strips, Vial of 100 pH Paper, 0 - 13+
pH Buffer Standard, pH 10 (Blue ) Red Litmus (pH) Paper, Blue in Base


22 X 22 mm Plastic Cover Slips Hand-Lens, Doublet, 22mm, 10X
24" Tripod Stand Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil 12 X 100'
30X Triplet Lenz Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil,18' X 25'
36'(LRG) Tripod Base (Support Stand) Micro.Slide,75x25mm, Frosted 72/PK
6.5X11" Rec. Base 36" Stand Microscope Cover, #1 18mm Circles
6X9" Base 24" Stand Rec. Base Microscope Cover, #1 24mm X 40mm Gl.
Adapter, Neopreme Filter #4, 46mm X Microscope Cover, #2 22mm X 22mm
Aluminum Foil, 12 X 100' Microscope Cover, 22mm X 50mm
Aluminum Foil, 12X50' Microscope Slide, 75x25mm Clr. 72/PK
Autoclave Tape Molecular Motion Apparatus
Bench top Paper, 20' Wide, 300' Roll Neopreme Crucible Holder
Bunsen Burner Neopreme Filter Adapter #5, 58mm X
Bunsen Burner Spark Flints, 5/PK Paper Matches, 50 Books/PK
Burner Lab, Wire Gauze 6x6 Asbestos Parafilm, Large Roll
Coaster, Nalgene 90mm Parafilm, Roll
Cork Ring, 110mm OD, 60mm ID Periodic Table, 8.5' x 11', 3 Hole
Cork Ring, 120mm X 170mm Pocket Field Magnifier (10X)
Cork Ring, 140mm OD, 100mm ID Port Tripod Base Large
Cork Ring, 8' X 5' Round Cuvette for Spectronic 21
Cork Ring, 80mm OD, 30mm ID Round Glass Cover slip 12mm DIA
Cover slip 22MM Circle, PKG 10 Saran Wrap 30M
Cover slips Unbreakable 22X22 Saran Wrap ,152M Rolls
Cover slip, 18x18mm Stopwatch
Cover slip, 22x22mm Styrofoam Freezer w/ Lid
Cover slip, 22x30mm Tape, Autoclave 3/4' X 500'
Cover slip,, 24x50mm Teflon Lab Tape
Extension Rings Support, Large Teflon Tape
Extension Rings Support, Medium Tissue Prep, Histology Wax
Extension Rings Support, Small Toothpicks, Flat
Filter Adapter #1, 22mm Dia.. Top Tripod Base, Small (Support Stand)
Filter Adapter #2, 28mm Dia. Top Vacuum Filter Adapter #2
Filter Adapter #3, 37mm Dia. Top Vacuum Filter Adapter #3
Filter Adapter #6, 70mm Dia. Top Weigh Boats, Large, Disposable
Floor Glass-Disposal Box Weigh Boats, Medium Disposable
Funnelaire, Neopreme 75 X 150mm Weigh Boats, Small Disposable
Glass Cutter Wheel, Griffin Type Weigh Paper, 1000/PK
Glass Cutter, Griffin Type Weighing Boats, Aluminum
Glass Wool Weighing Dish Aluminum
Hand-Lens, Doublet, 21mm, 15X XS Lab Coat (Navy)
Hand-Lens, Doublet, 18mm, 20X


100X15MM Petri Dishes Case/500 Dish, Evaporating 5
100X15MM Petri Dishes PK/25 Dish, Evaporating 6
60 X 35MM 80ML Crystallizing Dish Dish, Evaporating 7
Crystallizing Dish 70 X 50MM 180ML Dish, Evaporating 8
Crystallizing Dish, 100MM X 50 MM Petri Dish 100X15 Glass
Crystallizing Dish, 125MM X 65MM Pyrex Petri Dish 100mm X 15mm
Crystallizing Dish, 170MM X 90 MM Sterile Petri Dish, Case
Dish, Evaporating 3 Sterile Petri Dish, Pkg OF 25
Dish, Evaporating 4


2' Cryogenic Storage Boxes, 12/PK Metal Rack, Holds 16MM Tubes (72)
4-Way Microtube Rack Assorted Color Plastic Rack Holds 16MM Tubes (40)
9x9 Cardboard Grid, 12/PK White 13MM Test Tube Rack
Blue 13MM Test Tube Rack White 16MM Test Tube Rack
Blue 16MM Test Tube Rack White 20MM Test Tube Rack
Blue 20MM Test Tube Rack


Scoops Poly Autoclavable Spatula, Rnd. & Sqr. Ends, Stainless
Scoopula, Stainless Steel Spatula, Scoopula Handle (Wooden)
Small Spatula w/ Plastic Handle Spatula, Square and Spoon Ends
Small Spatula, Round & Spoon Ends Spatula, Stainless Steel Wooden Handle
Spatula w/ Round and Tapered Ends Spatula, Tapered & Rnd. Ends, PTFE Ctd
Spatula, Porcelain

Screw Caps and Lids:

Bottle, Screw Cap Screw Cap, Metal
Cap PTFE/Silicone Liner Screw Cap, Metal
Screw Cap for 1000mL Media Bottle Screw Cap, Plastic
Screw Cap for 24-23 Glass Bottle