Student Accident Benefit Plan

This is a plan whereby certain expenses that arise out of accidents and injuries sustained while participating in authorized University and related activities are paid for by the University. It is intended as a supplement to the Province of Saskatchewan Medical Care Insurance Plan (MCIC) and Saskatchewan Hospital Services Plan (SHSP) and not as an alternative to them.

Note: This plan does not provide medical and hospital coverage during any waiting period where such coverage would otherwise be provided under MCIC or SHSP.

Students newly arrived in the Province should familiarize themselves with the requirements of the MCIC and SHSP Acts as soon as possible. (Students covered by MSI (Medical Services Incorporated) or GMS (Group Medical Services) or other similar plans must report this when claiming under this plan).

Alternative coverage is available for any necessary waiting period under MCIC and SHSP and application forms are available in the Registrar's Office.

Many students are provided with health and/or dental insurance coverage as a dependant through their parents insurance. Also, all full time students have mandatory health and dental insurance coverage under the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) health and dental plan. Students must first make a claim under those insurance policies, and then submit the appropriate documentation for the unreimbursed amounts to Financial Services for consideration under this Student Accident Benefit Plan.

Important - Students must take reasonable precautions to minimize the possibility of accidental injury. For example, hockey players must wear helmets (equipped with mouth guard) and any safety equipment provided or normally required for the particular activity must be used.

Students making claims for accidents where reasonable precautions were not taken may have claims refused or reduced.


All students attending the University are automatically covered. This includes full time students, part time students, degree credit students, non-credit students and participants in other University sponsored events such as seminars and conferences. Coverage applies only to injuries sustained on campus, or for off campus events, to injuries sustained while participating in the University approved activity off campus.

Benefits Available

  1. Ambulance Service - Ambulance service (or taxi used in this capacity) for emergency admission up to a maximum of $75.00 for any one individual and any one accident.
  2. Artificial Limbs and Eyes - Payment of up of $200.00 in any twelve-month period for the purchase of artificial limbs and artificial eyes, but excluding their replacement or repair.
  3. Casts - Payment up to $100.00 in any twelve-month period for cost of a plaster or fibreglass cast, including replacements which are applied in a physician's office or in a hospital out-patient department by a physician.
  4. Crutches, Patient Walkers and Wheelchairs - Payment up to $200.00 in any twelve-month period for the purchase or rental of crutches, patient walkers and wheelchairs for use on an out-patient basis, but excluding their use in an institution or nursing home.
  5. Hospital-Type Bed - Payment of up to $200.00 in any twelve-month period for rental of a hospital-type bed as prescribed by a physician for use in the home, but excluding use in an institution or nursing home.
  6. Dental Service - Payment of up to $1,500.00 in any twelve-month period for dental services, including X-rays, by a legally qualified dentist, for accidental injury to natural teeth. (Capped and crowned teeth and a fixed bridge shall be deemed natural teeth). Mouth guards for protection of teeth must be worn at all times except when it is unreasonable to do so.
  7. Glasses & Contact Lenses - Payment of up to $150.00 in any twelve-month period for repair or replacement of eye glasses accidentally damaged or broken. Payment of up to $300.00 in any twelve-month period for replacement of contact lenses accidentally lost or broken.
  8. Other - Such other payments as may be approved by the Associate Vice-President (Finance).


  • Treatment of injuries sustained while under the influence of alcohol
  • Treatment of injuries arising from private aeronautics
  • Treatment of injuries arising from accidents covered under:
    • the Worker's Compensation Act
    • the Automobile Accident Insurance Act
    • any other federal, provincial or municipal act or regulation.

Effective and Terminal Dates for Coverage

Coverage is effective from the later of:

  1. the date of completion of registration; or
  2. the first day of classes in the session, in which the student is registered.

Coverage terminates at the earliest of:

  1. upon withdrawal from the University;
  2. at midnight on the day of the last examination for the session; or
  3. at the conclusion of other University approved activities.

Exceptions to the termination of coverage are, if:

  1. the student must be receiving treatment at the time of leaving; and
  2. the student must notify the Student Health Clinic prior to leaving.

Claims may cover an additional period, if both of these conditions are met.  The length of the extended period will depend on the circumstances of each case.

Claims Procedures

An Incident-Accident Report form should be completed by the injured student as soon as is possible after the accident occurs and statements obtained from the witnesses. 

The completed form should be taken or forwarded to Health, Safety & Wellness, Human Resources (AH 435), email as soon as it is completed. A copy of the form should also be sent to the attention of the Financial Analyst, Budget/Treasury in Financial Services.

Payment may be requested in one of two ways:

  1. by submission of paid receipts to Financial Services for reimbursement; or
  2. by submission of invoices to Financial Services for payment direct to the supplier.

N.B. Claims may be reduced by amounts that can be recovered by the individual from MSI, GMS and other such plans.

Have a Question About the Accident Benefit Plan?

If you have questions regarding student accident benefit plan, you can contact the Financial Analyst, Budget / Treasury.