Mission & Goals


Consistent with the mission of the University of Regina, the mission of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research is to:

  • support a diverse range of high-quality graduate programs
  • support original research
  • foster a welcoming and stimulating environment to a diverse student body
  • respond to and anticipate future needs of people in the community
  • provide life-long educational opportunities

The graduate education mission is focused on rigorous advanced study that serves to preserve, extend, and disseminate knowledge in the pure, applied and multidisciplinary realms applicable to all sectors of Saskatchewan, Canada and the world at large.


The goals of the FGSR are to engage students in scholarly activities that emphasize the following:

Higher Order Thinking

Students apply the principles of critical and creative thinking, systematic decision-making, and methodical problem-solving.

Collaborative Learning

Students collaborate with faculty and peers to create interactive team efforts and to encourage the exchange of ideas, values, and cultural perspectives.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Students use effective, non-prejudicial interpersonal skills to enhance collaborative interaction and achievements.    

Research Competency

Students participate in professional reading, research, and writing to master discipline-specific methods and tools of inquiry.


Students practice leadership skills that prepare them to become innovative, empowering, and effective leaders.


Students become knowledgeable, interculturally competent, and appreciative of the interdependent nature of the world, in conjunction with the academic mobility and network opportunities for both domestic and international students within a university framework.


Students participate in professional organizations and exemplify the ethical standards of professional conduct advocated by those organizations.

Lifelong Learning

Students demonstrate a commitment to self-directed, life-long learning motivated by intellectual curiosity and personal/professional aspirations.