Signing Up for Classes the First Time

Get some advice
In your letter of admission, it told you to contact your supervisor/faculty coordinator to help you plan your program. You should get in touch with that person before your register. We have a list of all the program coordinators who you can contact as well. 

Our online registration system allows you to register in any course, regardless of whether or not it counts towards your program. You will want to confirm that the courses you have chosen counts towards your degree because you need permission from your faculty advisor to receive credit for any course outside of your program.

You can register using UR Self-Service, where you can also see what classes are offered, view your class schedule, print your confirmation of enrolment, pay tuition, request transcripts, and more. 

All graduate students must take the online course GRST 800AA Grad Thrive Plus. Learn how to register online by signing up for GRST 800AA. After you are registered for GRST 800AA you can complete the course using UR Courses

How our system works
Our academic year is broken into three semesters: Fall (September to December), Winter (January - April), and Spring/Summer (May to August).

To be full time, you need to register in six credit hours, which is often two classes. PhD and Masters of Public Policy students must be registered full time each semester. International students must be registered full time for the Fall and Winter semesters and part time for Spring/Summer. Your study permit or scholarships may have additional requirements. All other Masters students must be registered in a class at least once a year, every third semester. All graduate students must register for a minimum of 3 credit or 3 billing hours in any semester they register. 

Students who take elective courses from other disciplines should ensure that they have the appropriate background. Students who register inappropriately will face withdrawal and associated academic and financial penalties so it is wise to check in advance.