Policy and Procedures

A full list of rules and regulations can be found in the Graduate Calendar.

Here are some highlights

  • A grade of 70% or must be achieved in all normal graded course work
  • Full-time status is six credit hours, typically two courses. International students much follow their visa requirements. Some programs require you full time in each semester, such as PhD students. Domestic master students may not need to register in every semester. Check your program requirements in the Graduate Calendar. 
  • Students are restricted to the courses set out in their program but you can request a change in UR Self-Service
  • If you register for a class but decide not to attend the University of Regina, you must drop your course or you will receive a failing grade and be charged tuition.
  • All forms of cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable at the University of Regina. Instructors evaluate a student's work to ensure ideas and words are the student's own. Credit must be given for other people's ideas or words. All forms of academic misconduct are considered serious offences with the University community. 
  • If your research involves humans, animals, or hazardous materials you must be approved by the Research Ethics Board.
  • It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the policies and procedures in the Graduate Calendar but our office is happy to answer questions or address your concerns.
  • Be sure to know academic dates and deadlines