Project / Report Options

Students are to consult with their supervisors concerning the general organization of the project report or paper, and also about special practices or rules that may apply to scholarly writing within the specific discipline.

Students may wish to refer to thesis guidelines in preparing and formatting a project report. Careful proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors as well as for adherence to all other standards is the responsibility of the student and supervisor.

Project/Report options are categorized as informal evaluations, and informal defences are not vetted through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. Project options in many units are treated in a similar fashion as other credit hour courses and are monitored by individual faculties and departments.


A Notice of Defense of Project form  is completed and signed by the Head (or designate) stating the date, time, place and title of the project. A copy of the Notice of Oral Defense is sent to all Committee Members prior to the date of the defence.

  • Defense of projects/reports is typically in the form of a seminar presentation (of approximately 20 minutes) by the candidate, followed by a question period.
  • An examining committee consists of the supervisor, the supervisory committee members, and the Chair, all of whom attend the defence. 
  • A project defence is chaired by the coordinator of graduate programs of the academic unit or designate. Fellow students and interested members of the University community may be invited to attend the project seminar.
  • The examining committee reaches the decision on the acceptability of the project and its defence.
  • If deemed unacceptable, each member of the committee will provide specific reasons to the Associate Dean of FGSR.

Non-Thesis Completion Form
A Non-Thesis Program Completion Form is required upon successful completion of the project/practicum/report after the final grade has been submitted and approved. Upon final grade approval and the program completion form being received in FGSR the student will have been deemed to have met this requirement of his/her program.