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Digital Futures: Poster Details



Poster requirements

Your poster should clearly detail your research.  The intent of the poster competition is to allow graduate students to showcase their research to technology industry experts. All work represented should be work done by the graduate student.

Poster size and template use:

  • Posters are to be in landscape orientation on paper 48" wide x 36" high (121.92 x 91.44 cm).
  • Students are expected to use one of the three available templates.  Within those templates, students may choose which elements to use, but must keep the font and colour scheme as provided.  The event organizers have the right to remove any posters that fail to meet these specifications. 

Required elements:

  • Descriptive title: a title that clearly and concisely conveys the content of the poster
  • Introduction: a brief discussion of the background or rationale of the study and/or the question addressed
  • Materials and Methods: the experimental approach, materials, and methods used in the study
  • Results: the data and results obtained in the study
  • Conclusions: the conclusions and/or implications of the results

Including the submitted abstract on the poster is optional, unless the scientific content has been changed since the abstract’s submission.  If substantive changes to the data and/or conclusion have occurred since the abstract was submitted, the presenter must post a clear note in the poster content that states the abstract has been revised, and a revised abstract must appear on the poster, or on an 8.5x11” piece of paper posted next to the poster.

Please note that you are welcome to include a QR code with contact information on the poster, and/or have letter-sized (8.5x11”) printouts of the poster, with your contact information, at the poster event. 


  • Judgment will be done by a team. When the competition is running, poster presenters should be ready in front of their poster to field questions from the judges. 
  • Each presenter will have 3-5 minutes to present their poster and 2 minutes for questions and answers. To ensure time for questions, presenters are asked to keep their talk to five minutes or less.
  • Winners will be announced at the end of the event. The decision of the winner will be withdrawn if the winner is not present at the time of the announcement.
  • The judges’ decision will be final and no clarification on their decision given.

Judging Criteria

Not all weighted equally

  • Scientific Thought (Items to consider include such things as experimental or project design, importance of research conclusions/findings, logic and approach to research.)
  • Originality (Items to consider include such things as novelty of the research and/or techniques used, and potential appli-cations of research.)
  • Skill (Items to consider include such things as demonstrated abilities in conducting research, conveying results clearly, and answering questions well.)
  • Aesthetics (Layout - logical and self-explanatory, Poster aesthetically atractive, Oral presentation clear and logical)