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Graduate Advanced Training & Entrepreneurship Centre

About GATE
GATE aims to build and support a robust student culture of entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Regina through:

  • Career readiness and professional development for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars;
  • Partnership with industry, non-profit and community organizations; and
  • Acceleration of student and faculty-driven research commercialization, start-ups, and social R&D ventures in Saskatchewan and the Prairies.

Connect with us if any of the following describes you:

  • Students interested in exploring an entrepreneurial venture;
  • Faculty member interested in working with graduate students on an innovative project; or
  • Industry, non-profit or community organizations involved in the innovation ecosystem 

The programming currently offered by the GATE centre:

  • Kickstart - How to turn an idea into a start-up

  • Social Innovation Summit - Connecting research to community impact

  • Integrated Graduate Professional Skills workshops

  • Talent Developers Initiative (in progress)

Contact: Gate.Innovation@uregina.ca 

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