How To Register Online Using UR Self-Service

This page will walk you through how to sign up for GRST 800AA which all graduate students need to take. Your student identification number is the nine-digit student number that you receive when you are admitted to the University of Regina. Your initial password is your birth date in the DDMMYY format


Login to UR Self-Service If you are unable to log in, contact the IT Support Centre

Link Location on website

When necessary, please update your information found under the Personal Information tab to ensure that any mail/e-mail reaches you in a timely and correct manner. You are also encouraged to change your PIN on a regular basis.

Access your student record and check for holds

a)  Choose the Student Services tab

Visual of Instructions

b)  Select Student Records

Visual of Instructions

c) Go to View Holds to certify that you will not be prevented from registering (i.e. owe money). If holds exist, contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. If no holds exist, continue. 

Visual of instructions

View Classes and Register

a)  Go back to the main Student Services menu. Go to Registration.

Visual of instructions

b)  Go to Search for Classes.
     Note: The Class Catalog found under Search for Classes is a list of those courses that are
     being offered in the current semester. The Course Catalog/Subjects Offered link is a list
     of all approved courses and their descriptions.

Visual of instructions

c)  Select the appropriate term, then click the Submit button.
d)  Choose your subject and course level from the appropriate drop down menus. To register for GS800AA, go to Graduate Student and click the
     Class Search button.

Visual of Instructions
e)  A list of classes will appear. Click on View Sections

Visual of Instruction

f) To register for classes, click on the check boxes for the course(s) you would like to select and click the Register button at the bottom of the page.

Visual of instructions

g)  You are now registered for GRST 800AA. To complete this online course, go to URCourses.
Note the Course Reference Number (CRN) for the class. You will need this number if you wish to drop a class.

h) Variable Credit Hours - Some courses allow you to change the number of credit hours you are taking (thesis, practicum, etc). The credit hours will default to the minimum value. 

Image of Registration Section

Click on the value below "Cred" and the following screen should appear.

Variable Credit

Please change to the appropriate number of credit hours.

i) You can confirm your registration by going through the following steps.

1.  Go to Student Services again
2.  Go to Registration
3.  Go to either Confirmation of Enrolment or Detailed Class Schedule (Includes Exams) This will give you a record of your registrations to date. 

Notes: All graduate students must register for a minimum of 3 credit or 3 billing hours in any semester they register.

Online registration can register you in any course, regardless of whether or not it counts towards your program. Confirm that the courses you have chosen count towards your degree.  You need to seek permission to register for any course outside of your program.