Maintenance of Candidacy

Students who have completed the credit hour components of their program of studies, but have not completed all of the formal approved degree requirements (eg. written thesis/project/practicum/report and defense) are to register in one of the following:


Full-time Maintenance of Candidacy


Part-time Maintenance of Candidacy

Please note that in order to use University facilities and resources (i.e. computer labs, libraries, faculty, etc.), students must be registered. Registration in full- or part-time Maintenance of Candidacy is on a semester basis and allows for facility use during that time.

Registration in Non-resident Maintenance of Candidacy is meant for students who do not require the use of university facilities or resources. Non-resident Maintenance of Candidacy merely establishes that the student is a graduate student.

GRST 999

Non-resident Maintenance of Candidacy

Once a registration in any of the maintenance courses (GRST 995AA, GRST 995AB, GRST 996AA, GRST 996AB) has occurred, the student must have a GRST registration in any semester thereafter. Ph.D., and MPP students may only register in GRST 995AA and are required to do so each semester up until and including the semester in which the defense is held.

PhD Students

PhD students may only register in GRST 995AA.

A Non-Thesis Program Completion Form is required upon successful completion of the project/practicum/report after the final grade has been submitted and approved. Upon final grade approval and the program completion form being received in FGSR the student will have been deemed to have met this requirement of his/her program.