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Academic Misconduct

Every graduate student is required to complete GRST 800AA Grad Thrive Plus. This is an on-line course composed of several modules including one on academic integrity. Essentially academic misconduct is when you represent other people’s work as your own. At FGSR we take academic misconduct very seriously, the penalties for academic misconduct range from grade reductions to suspension. Be sure that you complete GRST 800AA early in your program and that you understand the regulations concerning academic misconduct. Be sure to ask your instructors if you are unclear about what may constitute academic misconduct.

For more details, please refer to the calendar entry on academic misconduct.

If a professor suspects you of academic misconduct they are to report the incident to FGSR (a professor cannot give a student a grade penalty for academic misconduct, all suspected academic misconducts by graduate students are to be reported to FGSR). FGSR will invite you to have a meeting with the Associate Dean of FGSR (or a designee). At this meeting you may defend your work or explain why you do not believe that it constitutes academic misconduct. The Associate Dean of FGSR will decide if they believe that an academic misconduct occurred. If it is decided that a misconduct occurred, the Associate Dean will determine the penalty (this penalty may be a grade reduction, the awarding of the grade of XF in the course or suspension from FGSR). The student will be informed in writing. For any confirmed case of academic misconduct, a letter is placed in the student’s file recording the incident. The letter will not be shared with anyone, but if there are subsequence academic misconducts the penalty will be more severe. Finally, student have the right to appeal either the decision that an academic misconduct occurred or the penalty assessed.