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Once you are done your defense there a few more final things you must do.

After the Defense:

  • Committee members should give corrections to the candidate or the candidate’s supervisor.
  • Following the defense, the student and supervisor may have access to the External Examiner’s evaluation of the thesis. Contact FGSR ( in order to request the evaluation.

Final Edits:

  • After a successful defense, you have until the end of the next semester to submit an electronic corrected copy of the thesis to the Associate Dean of FGSR. If you do not submit the final corrected thesis within this time frame, a registration may be required.
  • Your supervisor will need to confirm that all revisions required have been completed.
  • If revisions were required, then the supervisor or external examiner will need to send an email to FGSR confirming that the edits were completed.
  • If the title of the thesis is to be altered from the original thesis submitted for defense, FGSR must be notified.  Library approval will be denied if the title is not identical to the title on the defense documents.
  • The date on the title page should be the month and year that the thesis was submitted to FGSR for Library approval. The name on the title page should be the student’s full name as listed on the university system.
  • Please ensure that there are no personal signatures found within the document (i.e. on the Research and Ethics Approvals).
  • If the abstract has complicated symbols or notation, a plain text or Word version of the abstract may be sent to FGSR to be submitted to the Library and Archives Canada.

 Submitting the Final Thesis:

  • Please submit the final corrected thesis in PDF format to FGSR (no paper copies are required) to  If you do not receive confirmation that the thesis has been received at FGSR and that the format is acceptable within a week of submission, please contact FGSR.
  • The application for graduation is required at the time of submission and is completed through UR Self-Service.
  • FGSR will send the thesis to the Library for approval.  Student must confirm the library permission by signing the web form permissions access online at:

 Library Approval and Thesis Binding:

  • Once Library Approval is received, the student is notified by FGSR by email. This email will contain instructions for binding the thesis and a copy of the Examining Committee Form to be included in the bound copies of the thesis.
  • Binding of the thesis is done by U of R Printing Services.
  • The student is not expected to provide any bound copies unless the academic unit requires the thesis in bound form. The number of additional bound copies required may differ from one academic unit to another. This requirement does not mean that the student cannot bind the thesis for themselves.
  • The student is advised to wait for Library approval before having copies of the thesis bound.