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Choosing a Chair for the Defense

Chair for Defense

The Chair for the defense is a representative of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) for the defense. The Chair of the examination committee is impartial and ensures that the treatment of the candidate is fair and equitable and that the examination is conducted at the level expected for the degree. The Chair is not an additional examiner, but rather is the facilitator of the examination process. The defense is a formal event, and appropriate conduct is required of all participants.

Choosing a Chair for the Defense

For a master’s thesis defense, the academic unit co-ordinates a date for the defense and is also responsible for arranging a Chair for the defense. The Chair is to be chosen by the supervisor, or the committee, in consultation with the head (or designate) and FGSR is notified when the Notice of Oral Defense is submitted. The Chair may be any accredited professor at the University of Regina, but must be external to the department or from outside the program area of the student and all members of the committee. If the External Examiner is a member of the student’s faculty, the Chair must be from outside the student’s faculty. Should the Dean or Associate Dean deem the person suggested as Chair unacceptable, the head of the academic unit will be contacted immediately.

For a doctoral defense, FGSR makes all arrange

Instructions for Chairs

FGSR will provide the chair of the defense the Instructions for the Chair, along with all the forms to be completed at the defense.