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Thesis Acceptable for Defense

Once FGSR has receive notice from the external examiner that a thesis has been judged acceptable for defense, FGSR will advise the head of the student’s unit (or designate) and the student’s supervisor.

Additional contact between the academic unit and the External Examiner prior to the defense should not occur. Should special circumstances arise, any proposed further contact must be approved through FGSR.

For doctoral defenses, FGSR makes all arrangements and these are chaired by the Associate Dean of FGSR or the Associate Dean’s designate.

For the defense of a Master's thesis, the academic unit co-ordinates all aspect the of the defense. This includes the following:

  • Setting a time and date for the defense (tentative date may have been set on the Committee Release Form).
  • Arranging a room for the defense.
  • Coordinating any technology needed at the defense.
  • Arranging a Chair for the defense. Please refer to Choosing a Chair
  • Completing the Notice of Oral Defense of Thesis
  • Sending the Notice of Oral Defense to FGSR (at least a week prior to the defense date) and to all committee members, the Chair, the External Examiner and the student.
The Notice of Oral Defense of Thesis form is not to be sent out until the academic unit has been notified by FGSR that the report of the External Examiner has been received and a Chair for the defense has been arranged.