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List of References

This section of the thesis must list all of the references cited in the text.

  • Differences exist between different fields of specialization regarding the information required in a reference, the order in which this information is incorporated, and the use of punctuation and underlining.
  • The thesis must adhere to a style acceptable to the academic unit.
  • If the information referred to in the text of the thesis was obtained from an abstract, a translation, or a textbook rather than an original publication, this must be indicated.
  • The List of References should include sufficient detail about the original source from which the information was taken, so it can be accessed by a reader of the thesis.
  • Wherever possible, the original source should be consulted.
  • Subdivision of the List of References is to be avoided.
  • The term 'Bibliography' is to be used when there are works listed that have not been referred to in the text.